Film and Food: Peanuts Movie


The Film: Welcome The Peanuts Movie to the world of 3D animation.  Although this film is not a visual spectacular, it is a respectful and classy update to the look of the Peanuts gang.  The story is a bit of a payoff about who Charlie Brown is to lovers of ole Charlie Brown.  At times, this film really felt like it was for adults who grew up enjoying the TV special and the comic strip.

In theater where I attended, I felt the the children’s engagement level and laughter came midway in the film.  It was too busy building connecting with nostalgia and briefly building backstory for a new generation.

The scene stealer of this movie is none other than Snoopy.   When this film hits dvd, it will be a nice addition to the any family movie collection.

The Food:  How about cracking open some peanuts in shell and enjoying a healthy fruit punch concoction like an aqua fresca in the summer.  In the winter maybe boiled peanuts still in shells and white hot chocolate.

me with peanuts gang

MCCN Editor and film Critic with Peanuts Gang

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