Spotlight: Hilton Mandalay Beach Embassy Suites Oxnard, CA


The Hilton Mandalay Beach Embassy Suites in Oxnard, CA is perfect destination for the Angelino and a person coming from anywhere in the world.  What is really has to offer the person in live in Los Angeles is a real sense of escape without jumping on a plane or train.

We booked 2 rooms for 2 days and most agree we would wish it would have been three. You don’t have to leave the hotel. If the whether is right you can close eyes and dream you at an island destination. Open your eyes and not be disappointed.


With heated pools, a jacuzzi, tennis courts, a gym and the beach right out your gated weekend community stay. You couldn’t ask for more but you get it. We had a nice size refrigerator in our room and a microwave. We stayed in building 2 with views of beach shores and ocean.

Now let’s talk about grub on the premise and nearby.  Breakfast may be called continental but it a buffet with a choice of sausage, bacon, pancakes, waffles, fruits, hash browns, scrambled eggs and custom made omlette station.  Walk down a little a little further and you will find healthy section with yogurt bar, cereals, various toasts and maybe not so healthy option of morning pastries.    At lunch time, chef are grilling hot dogs and hamburgers poolside.  It’s a little pricey but if convenience is what you want then you have it.     There is also inclusive reception/happy hour every evening.

Healthy section with yogurt bar, cereal, and juices

Healthy section with yogurt bar, cereal, and juices



Northridge, CA: The Falafel Palace


This reviews pains me a bit.  Sometimes, a meal falls short.  I normally enjoy The Falafel Palace but this dinner fell short for not all me but my friend too.  She was a first visitor so she wasn’t impressed.

Let’s talk my plate first with lamb sitting a top of head lettuce( which I hate but that’s not their fault) complimented with tabouli and baba ganoush. My lamb was flavorful but  dry. My tabouli was just too dry and lacked flavor.  The baba ganoush was good.  They also offered me a sample of their falafel which I enjoyed.  However, my dining order a pita filled with falafels and she thought it lacked flavor.  Considering that I have been to restaurant in a year.  I want to give them the benefit of the doubt of a bad day.  My others visits, I have no complaints.  That is why I have kept coming over the years.

Review by Crystal A. Johnson

9255 Reseda Blvd, Northridge, CA 91324

Phone:(818) 993-0734






Review of Hateful Eight


This will be one of my shortest reviews for a film.  As, it says below…”Hated It.”  Normally, there is a foodie review and I could give you some witty suggestions on what to eat but in light of not advocating this film,  no food review.

Now why do I hate it?  At 3 hours and 7 minutes, it is too long given the execution of the story which could have been finished 60 minutes earlier.  There is no payoff by the end of the film and no truly likable hero.  This a bloody mess of a film.  However, in my opinion less bloody than most Tarentino films which admittedly in the past I have enjoyed.   Django, Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs are some of my favorites.   If you insist on seeing this then please don’t have children around.  Multiple heads  are blown off.