Food Truck Wednesdays in Maryland

Hooray for Wednesdays! Yay! Fun! Fun! Fun! 

Why the cheers for the week’s “get over the hump day?” Well, it’s because in Maryland, there are tantalizing tastes just waiting to be discovered at Food Truck Wednesdays. This fiesta of food happens every Wednesday from spring to the end of October at the Arbutus Volunteer Fire Department in Arbutus, MD and Red Lion Hotel’s parking lot in Timonium, MD. 

The food trucks include all kinds of scrumptious local and international cuisine including: soul-food, Greek, Mexican, Korean, Indian and even dessert trucks. Here are just some of the food trucks who frequent the event:

  • The Gypsy Queen
  • Greek on the Street
  • Beef on the Street
  • Wanna Pizza This
  • Kommie Pig
  • Jimmy’s Famous Seafood
  • Farm to Charm
  • Mexican on the Run
  • Deja Roux

The Multi Cultural Cooking Network had the opportunity to catch up with one of the founders of the event, Chad Houck of H2 Markets. What a chat! We talked to him about the origins of the event, how the trucks are selected and what to expect in the coming months. Check out the interview above, and find out more information about Food Truck Wednesdays by going to

Photo and video provided by Foundation Media Services

gypsy queen korean bbq

Eat your food on the run at Food Truck Wednesdays. Here is a Korean Beef BBQ Wrap from the Gypsy Queen food truck



Krimsey’s Cajun Kitchen


Crystal at Krimseys

Crystal A. Johnson, MCCN Editor/Food Critic


Has the catchy font of the sign lettering and the eclectic look caught your attention while driving down Victory Blvd in North Hollywood?  It caught mine.    Cajun, the first thing that came to mind was sausage and beans.   And probably, your mind drifted to some kind of seafood with rice.   Well, if I am right then we are both wrong.   Krimsey’s is a Vegetarian spot with delicious Cajun food.    The blond haired blue eyed diner next to me wearing a big smile raved about his smoky okra gumbo and cornbread and my dining partner was surprised how much she actually enjoyed her meatless Po Boy consisting of seasoned and battered hearts of palm served on toasted French Sourdough bread    And my Jambalaya was good, though a bit too much pepper to me.   However, I gave my leftovers to a friend and his complaint was that the dish was not spicy enough.   I believe too much pepper and whether it lack heat are two different things.   The portion size for dining in, ample.   What I brought to my friend was half of my plate.   I definitely would visit again and explore.  Maybe beignets next time!

Krimsey jambalaya


12900 Victory Blvd,

North Hollywood, CA 91606

Tel. 818-308-6166

For Krimsey’s Website Click Here

Inside Krimsey’s

How Mussels Reproduce and Evolve

While walking down the beach in the more remote part of Santa Monica, I noticed my familiar rocks to sit on looked less familiar.  I knew something appeared to be growing on them and to my surprise I noticed Mussels! Garlic, please.   No that’s what I thought I just thought how fascinating it was to see the process of evolving.   So how exactly do they reproduce?

Mussels on rocks

Photo by Crystal A. Johnson – Wil Rogers State Park, CA

According to Wikipedia, Marine mussels reproduce by releasing their eggs and sperm into the water. The young then begin life as floating plankton for between one and six months before settling on the bottom as an adult. With freshwater mussels, the male releases sperm into the water which then enters the female via her incurrent siphon.