THE TASTE- Los Angeles Times Event


One of my favorite events of the year happens on Labor Day weekend.  When I’ve interviewed the attendees of the event,  I’m hard pressed to find anyone that doesn’t think the experience is worth every penny.   Set at the Paramount Studio Lot, you walk into a virtual block party.  The sidewalks, the brownstones, the food and the music transports you to New York.   And as a New Yorker, I can vouch to the experience as authentic.  You equally marvel at your environment as you are taken aback by the Los Angeles culinary scene.

So what’s the bang you get for your buck?

  • Escape from Reality
  • Food from the Best Restaurants and Bakeries in LA.
  • You Get a Taste of the World from Italy to the Philippines to Ethiopia and more.21193036_10159180503065368_7832298793042169585_n.jpg
  • Day vs Night- Day and Night offer distinct vibes.  Read our Coverage of the Taste By Night.
  • All you can drink(Although, not advised by MCCN) –  All kinds of beverages are flowing endlessly. 21231108_10159182528145368_7946063294026575833_n.jpg

 Click Here to Learn More

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