Book Spotlight: ‘At Home With Natalie Morales’

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As the beloved and longtime news anchor and co-host of the TODAY show, current West Coast anchor of the TODAY show, host of Access, and co-host of Access Live, as well as the mother of two young boys, Natalie Morales knows how hard it can be night after night to get a healthful dinner on the table that the whole family will enjoy. Morales was born in Taiwan to a Brazilian mother and Puerto Rican father, and she lived around the world as a child—Panama, Spain, and Brazil. That multicultural experience fed her love for good food, but it’s her experience as a working mom that taught her how to cook on the run and keep her recipes healthful. The result is a personal collection of 125 recipes Morales makes at home for her family, including Chicken in Garlic Sauce, Grilled Chimichurri Soy Steak, Sweet and Spicy Slow Roasted…

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About Kiwi Berries


Though kiwi berries are basically just mini kiwis, the flavor isn’t the same. Those who’ve tried it say it’s complex, sweet, and acidic.

Native to northern regions in Asia with cooler climates — like central China, Siberia, and Japan — the kiwi berry, or Actinidia Arguta, has actually been growing in the United States for more than 150 years. So how has it remained under the radar since the 1870s? No one has ever tried to commercialize it. But now that’s about to change.  READ MORE

Now Streaming: The Truth About Alcohol

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Emergency room doctor Javid Abdelmoneim endeavors to learn the truth about alcohol, both its benefits and risks, by exploring the science of drinking.

The Guardian-Abdelmoneim is an A&E doctor, so he knows a thing or two about booze and what it does to people (and what it does to the NHS). He’s a moderate drinker himself, so he has about double the recommended limit. Now, by sharing the latest science and research, and doing experiments on himself and on others, he’s getting to The Truth About Alcohol

Playing on YouTube and can also be found on Netflix

octor Javid Abdelmoneim

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“Top Chef” Contestant Fatima Ali’s Cancer Returned, Opting to Savor Life.

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Pakistaní Chef and Season 15 Top Chef contestant has reported bad news.  This is an incredibly sad report but the way Ali puts things into perspective, let it be a love letter to savor life:

Extra- Along with revealing that her cancer cells “are back with a vengeance,” Ali shared in an essay on Bon Appétit’s site on Tuesday, “My oncologist has told me that I have a year to live, with or without the new chemotherapy regimen. I was looking forward to being 30, flirty and thriving. Guess I have to step it up on the flirting. I have no time to lose.”. READ MORE

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The New Flavor on Netflix: Samin Nosrat’s SALT FAT ACID HEAT

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Samin Nosrat is an American chef, food writer, best selling author and recently adding television host to her list of accomplishments.  Moreover,  she writes regularly as a food columnist for The New York Times Magazine.  

Her bestselling book, SALT FAT ACID HEAT is an ambitious new approach to cooking by a major new culinary voice. Chef and writer Samin Nosrat has taught everyone from professional chefs to middle school kids to author Michael Pollan to cook using her revolutionary, yet simple, philosophy. Master the use of just four elements—Salt, which enhances flavor; Fat, which delivers flavor and generates texture; Acid, which balances flavor; and Heat, which ultimately determines the texture of food—and anything you cook will be delicious. By explaining the hows and whys of good cooking, SALT FAT ACID HEAT has taught and inspired a new generation of cooks how to confidently make better decisions in the kitchen…

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Los Angeles: Danny Trejo’s Coffee & Donuts


The movie and television tough guy, Danny Trejo has a sweet side.  The menu features fun names of his delectable treats, the machete is jelly filled.  Other donuts include the O.G., Abuelita, Low Rider and more.  He passion for food extends beyond sweets.  He started with Danny Trejo’s Tacos.   The menu included vegan and gluten-free menu items.  Check out his website and a great interview with the Duke of Donuts.