Decadent Delights of Sidecar Doughnuts and Coffee


While on a mini-vacay in San Diego, doughnuts caught my attention like a doggie in a window.  My pupils enlarged, tongue salivated and mind wondered, How much did those marvelous delights cost?  No ordinary 67078448_10156922507176865_4852540822245081088_ndoughnuts, these read gourmet creations.  On average the stunning creations cost $5 a pop and five dollars well spent.   I thought about the doughnut  I devoured all day.  As any woman, I also thought about the calories.   Again, like the cost I thought, these donuts are worth it.


My mouth watered at the sight of the Blueberry corncake doughnuts, glazed old fashioned doughnut, the maple frosted bacon topped doughnut and the whimsical marshmallow topped S’mores doughnut.   Kindly, the bakery staff offered cut two doughnuts for me to take a bite into,  the amazing blueberry corncake reminiscent of cornbread and the incredible old fashioned donut, dense cake-style and balanced in sweetness.


Sidecar hosts location in Costa Mesa, Santa Monica, Torrance,  and Del Mar Highland Town Center.

Open daily at 6:30am
Sunday – Thursday ’till 6:00pm
Friday & Saturday ’till 9:00pm

Visit their Website:

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