Baltimore: Vaccaro’s Italian Pastry Shop


At Vaccaro’s Italian Pastry Shop you’re sure to find decadent desserts.  The restaurant  is family owned with locations  in Baltimore and Baltimore County.   Monica Johnson, a longtime Baltimore resident and contributing writer for MCCN says, “I love the icy rich strawberry 🍓 granita  and the cannolis they have to offer.”

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Los Angeles Chapín Festival 2019, A Celebration of Guatemala

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Every year Chapín Festival offers you a different experience to meet your roots again! Bring your whole family to a fun-filled party where they can learn more about our Bella Guatemala!

The Artisan Market

Imagine a place where you can find Authentic Guatemalan Handicrafts, a perfect place to buy unique accessories, items to decorate your home and all kinds of Guatemalan products.

Culinary Demonstrations

Watch how some of your favorite typical dishes come to life in front of your eyes. With a dozen kiosks offering you the most delicious dishes with the main ingredient and unforgettable flavor of Country of Eternal Spring.

Admission: Free

WHEN:  August 24 and 25 from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm

WHERE:   Los Angeles’ Lafayette Park -625 S Lafayette Park Pl


15 Health Benefits of Pink Himalayan Salt, According to Science


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The Himalayas will always astonish the world with their endless generosity. They provides us with scarce minerals and rocks that can only be traced back to the heart of these mountains.

Pink Himalayan salt stands as a precious rock provided by the terrain. It is packed with beneficial minerals that can be used to boost one’s health drastically. As the peaks of the Himalayas breach altitudes, pink Himalayan salt is formed. It is considered to be a highly pure salt, a much healthier substitute for the normal processed sea salt.

Pink Himalayan salt has huge amounts of magnesium, sodium, potassium and other electrolytes essential for the body’s basic activities. It is also rich in iron, an important mineral for blood circulation and general vascular health integrity. Even calcium, which is a vital mineral for bones strength and well-built structure, is present in abundance.

So let’s see how these salt crystals have turned out to be more precious and valuable than diamond crystals. Here are 15 mesmerizing health benefits of pink Himalayan salt that you probably don’t know.

1. Pink Himalayan Salt Promotes Proper Body Water Regulation

We can find that pink Himalayan salt contains almost 84 minerals and elements needed by our body. A brine solution of pure pink Himalayan salt can be an amazing source of the much-needed electrolytes and minerals.

People who regularly work out, gym enthusiasts or even normal people with an active lifestyle face the risks of dehydration. Our busy schedules often come in the way and we forget to take care of our health. Even drinking appropriate amounts of water to fulfill the body’s needs seems like a distant goal.

At such times, many people resort to consuming electrolytes-rich sports water. This goes a long way in making up for long hours of hydration.

Sports water has an optimal level of calcium, sodium, potassium, chloride, and magnesium. All are essential electrolytes for cellular balance. They are absorbed faster than water. And when dissolved in water, it provides the body with even better cellular nourishment and hydration.

So keeping this in mind, pink Himalayan salt brine is a great alternative to sports water. It does an excellent job at keeping the body properly hydrated. All thanks to the wide mixture of minerals and electrolytes present in it.

You should also know that this benefit of having the minerals in their incredibly pure form holds more value. And that’s only because pink Himalayan salt are pure salt crystals. (1)

Key Takeaway: Pink Himalayan salt solution balances body hydration. It provides the body with the required amount of water essential for vital activities. Plus, the electrolytes present in pink Himalayan salt ensure cellular nourishment as well.   READ MORE