The best thing to do at a Christmas market in Germany is to eat your way through them! Check out all the must-eat foods and make sure to arrive hungry!

Great Foods to eat, German sausages, pomme frites, roasted chestnuts (maroni), marzipan and more

Food Which May Help Battle Depression



In 2018, Wall Street Journal Writer Elizabeth Bernstein wrote an article about foods that may help battle depression.   Here is an excerpt:

Now recent studies show that a healthy diet may not only prevent depression, but could effectively treat it once it’s started.

Researchers, led by epidemiologist Felice Jacka of Australia’s Deakin University, looked at whether improving the diets of people with major depression would help improve their mood. They chose 67 people with depression for the study, some of whom were already being treated with antidepressants, some with psychotherapy, and some with both. Half of these people were given nutritional counseling from a dietitian, who helped them eat healthier. Half were given one-on-one social support—they were paired with someone to chat or play cards with—which is known to help people with depression.  READ MORE

Colorstream Original Series, ‘A Debutante Story’

The Culture of the debutante is widespread. Learn more about the debutante and their stories.

Colorstream Media

A Deb Story

When I was a debutante, I didn’t really understand exactly all the stigmas attached or why exactly I was going through the process.   I understood that my aunt was one in the sixties.  Additionally, I knew members of my family including my father were a part of the men’s social club responsible for hosting the debutante process and ball.

I now know, the debutante tradition is a centuries old tradition correlated to wealth and status; moreover, the debut of an 18 year old girl as ready to marry.   In various countries all over the world there are uniques histories and special stories.   A Debutante Story hopes to share a few stories and illuminate people about the world of the Debutante.

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