Colorstream Original Series, ‘A Debutante Story’

The Culture of the debutante is widespread. Learn more about the debutante and their stories.

Colorstream Media

A Deb Story

When I was a debutante, I didn’t really understand exactly all the stigmas attached or why exactly I was going through the process.   I understood that my aunt was one in the sixties.  Additionally, I knew members of my family including my father were a part of the men’s social club responsible for hosting the debutante process and ball.

I now know, the debutante tradition is a centuries old tradition correlated to wealth and status; moreover, the debut of an 18 year old girl as ready to marry.   In various countries all over the world there are uniques histories and special stories.   A Debutante Story hopes to share a few stories and illuminate people about the world of the Debutante.

Click to Watch Episode 2 – Distinctions

Click to Watch Episode 3 – The Escort

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