Say What? Backlash and Division – Goya, Trump, the Boycott and Latino Community

Colorstream Media

When Goya CEO praised Donald Trump, a firestorm of backlash and division erupted in the Latino community. It’s a sensitive topic for a number of reasons. It’s the ongoing debate of freedom of speech. Why is praising the president divisive? Overwhelming, Trump is considered a racist, divisive and indifferent to not only Latinos but people of color.

A poll conducted by the polling firm Latino Decisions, found only about one-in-five Latinos (21 percent) said they would probably or definitely vote for Trump, with only 13 percent saying they “definitely” would. An overwhelming majority —almost eight-in-ten (78 percent)—said they are strongly or somewhat “frustrated with how Trump and his allies treat immigrants and Latinos” and are worried thing will get worse.

So when a CEO from Goya praises Donald Trump, many eyebrow are raised. Goya, is a staple food provider to many in the Latino community. Goya provides thousand of jobs…

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