Strong Coffee: The Starbucks Red Eye

I never drank a cup of coffee until I was hired to work a news morning show at age 32. Delusional, I convinced myself into thinking that a strong black tea or hot chocolate might spark the needed boost for a 4 AM in prep time before the morning news. This newbie barely stayed awake while on her feet. I wanted to keep my union job so I poured my first cup of java to get the done.

For years now I’ve had this on and off again affair with coffee. I still prefer for it not to be a need. No longer working the early morning hours, I often opt for a green tea concoction as an alternative. However, given my experience I can’t negate the power of a strong cup of coffee. if you’re a student, early bird or just need a jolt, Starbucks may have an extra special coffee drink for you.

The “Red Eye” from the Starbucks Secret Menu is a regular coffee (iced or hot) with ONE shot of Espresso added. This drink is a nice way to get a little more caffeine in your cup. However, there are plenty of other drinks that have much more caffeine than this Red Eye coffee.

If you question how effective it may be, note ABC news anchor David Muir drinks it. During the 2020 election week many a news staffer worked on very little sleep and a whole lot of coffee. Muir drinks the Venti sized version of the Red Eye.

Written by Crystal Johnson, MCCN Editor

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2 thoughts on “Strong Coffee: The Starbucks Red Eye

  1. Wow. I have not heard that one in while – Not since I worked at Starbucks in Chicago in early 90’s. Those were obviously the days before any secret menus. Starbucks itself was a secret unless you were from the Pacific Northwest or lived in Chicago. Anyway, I have heard this drink referred to as a “depth charge” as well. Thanks!

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