Amtrak Cross Country Travel by Train DC to LA

Traveling by train needs to be on any American’s bucket list. There is nothing like getting a grander visual picture of the terrain of the country in which one lives. This form or travel is only rivaled by car and each has its set of perks. If traveling in a group, no one has the stress or responsibility of driving. If traveling alone, it’s a much needed sabbatical from everyday life. You’ll be traveling for three nights.

Amtrak trains are more pleasant than one might imagine. Sleeping cars are rather expensive, making the trip average cost about a thousand bucks but you have a shower, bed and some meals covered. In coach the seats recline and they are much wider and comfortable the seats on a planes in coach these days.

Observation Deck Car

One of the best things about traveling by train are the options of where to sit and hang out. There is an observation deck with with large window and chair which face the window. The cafe area is the usually the most quiet and private area, complete with booths. You can pick up slightly over priced snacks and use the microwave.

There’s also the dining car. The food, in my opinion is not bad but also not extraordinary. Seems they take precaution to not overly season. Salt and pepper are provided. The breakfast is the most enjoyable meal option there to me. Pancakes, sausage and more are on the menu.

You are not likely to sit by yourself if you travel alone as they must fill the booths. It’s a great place to chat with fellow traveler and exchange stories.

Watch A Cross Country Trip documented by MCCN’s Editor

Travel Vlog Amtrak Trip December 2017 – The World As I See It – Crystal Johnson

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