New Orleans: C & A Seafood

Although most restaurants in New Orleans are worth the wait in the more touristy locations such as Jackson Square, Magazine St and Bourbon St, you’ll find C&A seafood off the beaten path of Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard and close to the major interstates by 5 minutes or less. My mother at age 75 was not up to standing in line or walking the streets so we searched for a non-tourist location.

Shrimp Po’ Boy

C&A is Asian owned so not only will you find New Orleans cuisine but a few Chinese offerings. This would not have been my pick for an authentic experience. I wanted the glamorous trendy/classic but it seems C & A has repeat local business so that was a good sign.

Sitting outside at picnic table eating gumbo

The front the building has a pleasing decor with picnic tables fun for eating with friends or family. Perhaps you’ll share a tray of crawfish or crab boil tray you can order.

However, my mother and ordered smaller classic New Orleans cuisine such as gumbo and a Shrimp Po Boy. We were both pleased.. Including the one large tea, the price was $23 bucks.

Address: 1429 S Jefferson Davis Pkwy, New Orleans, LA 70125-1729

Order a to go tray of the crab boil or crawfish

Phone: +1 504-822-8497

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