Asia & Pacific Islands

Asian cuisine styles can be broken down into several tiny regional styles that have rooted the peoples and cultures of those regions. The major types can be roughly defined as: East Asian with its origins in Imperial China and now encompassing modern Japan and the Korean  peninsulaSoutheast Asian which encompasses CambodiaLaosThailandVietnamBruneiIndonesiaMalaysiaSingapore, and thePhilippinesSouth Asian states that are made up of IndiaBurmaSri LankaBangladesh and Pakistan as well as several other countries in this region of the continent; Central Asian and Middle Eastern.

Vietnamese meal, in Asian culture food often serves as the centerpiece of social gatherings

“Asian cuisine” most often refers to East Asian cuisine (ChineseJapanese, and Korean), Southeast Asian cuisine and South Asian cuisine.

In much of Asia, the term does not include the country’s native cuisines. For example, in Hong Kong and mainland China, Asian cuisine is a general umbrella term for Japanese cuisineKorean cuisineFilipino cuisineThai cuisineVietnamese cuisineMalaysian and Singaporean cuisine, andIndonesian cuisine; but Chinese cuisine and Indian cuisine are excluded.

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Pacific Islander Food & Culture

Hawaiian Luau Food

Most of the Pacific Islands lying south of the Tropic of Cancer are collectively referred to as Oceania,[1] although Oceania is sometimes defined as also includingAustralasia and the Malay Archipelago. These islands are traditionally grouped into the three divisions of MelanesiaMicronesia, and Polynesia:

The Food

The first inhabitants on the islands of the Pacific came from Southeast Asia more than 20,000 years ago. They were hunters and gatherers who depended on the plentiful supply of seafood from the ocean that surrounded them. They became known for the great fishing skills they developed.

New islanders who arrived around 3000 B.C. are believed to have introduced agriculture to the Pacific region. Bringing with them seeds and livestock from the Asian mainland, they planted and harvested crops and bred animals. They introduced foods including bananas, coconuts, sweet potatoes, yams, and breadfruit. The animals they

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