Ethiopia: Telba (Flaxseed) Drink Recipe


Telba is a healthy and refreshingly creamy beverage. Be cautious of how much you drink, though, as it is a mild laxative.

Serving 4-6
1 c Flaxseed
6 c Water
1 to 2 T Honey

Heat a cast-iron skillet over low heat. Add flaxseed and dry roast, stirring for about 5-10 minutes. Remove from heat and cool. Place flaxseed in a spice grinder and grind to a powder. Sieve into a bowl. Add water and stir. Let set for about 10-20 minutes to allow solids to settle out. Strain into a pitcher. Add honey and chill.

Notes: Telba Firfit: Mix telba with broken up pieces of injera bread and heat. Serve as a side dish.

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Ethiopian Olympic Skier

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He believes that if they are given the opportunity – a number of young Ethiopians in Europe, Canada, the United States and other countries – where skiing is common – could master this sport and participate in international races including the Winter Olympics.  It is the vision of Robel and his federation to make Ethiopia a permanent member of the ski racing community.  He is an inspiration, a talented and passionate skier and a proud Ethiopian.  The lessons the Ethiopian youth can learn from his pioneering efforts are enormous. Read More about Robel Teklemariam