Dodgers Stadium Home of the Dodger Dog and More

Eating the famous Dodger Dog
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Baseball has a connection to food dating back to “buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks.”  Each stadium has particular food that it is famous for.  At Camden Yard’s it’s Boog Barbecue and at Dodger Stadium it is all about the Dodger Dog.  This 10 inch ballpark frankfurter wrapped in a steamed bun is consumed by millions over the course of the baseball season. Now that deal may be paired with coke but the to die for side are the garlic fries.  So garlicky, you will refrain from kissing someone.  A frozen treat available is Dreyer brand soft serve ice cream served in a mini plastic Dodger cap.

Yummy Garlic Fries
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Baltimore: Spotlight on Boog’s Bbq at Camden Yards


I could probably called the woman of a thousand job and would probably take offense to “jack of all trades, master of none.”  One of my more unique jobs was working for the Baltimore Orioles.  I got a chance to work for them straight out of college.  The best aroma in Camden Yards is Boog’s Barbecue named after the legendary Oriole’s baseball player Boog Powell.  Expect marinated pieces of delicious pulled pork, beef or turkey.  Sides offerings include kettle chips, coleslaw or beans.  The sandwich is not a cheap eat but when is ballpark food ever inexpensive.  Expect to pay about $10 alone for the sandwich without side. -Crystal A. Johnson

Boog’s Bbq