Haitian-American Actress Opts for a Healthy Organic Diet for Her Sons

garcelle-nilon-with family

(Haitian-American Actress Garcelle Beauvais Nilon with Husband and children)

Garcelle admits that while her husband Mike Nilon, son Oliver and herself do not eat organic foods, she is determined to have her twins on a healthy, organic, diet. Growing up eating fresh foods and being conscious of the earth, the actress — who credits her family as “the best part of me” — hopes that her sons “will only know about helping our planet because that’s how they will be raised.” As the babies chow down on their special foods, the rest of the family is not left out as they are privy to Garcelle’s family-style cooking! “I cook almost every day, all kinds of yummy foods, from lasagna, to baked chicken, pork chops, rice and beans…you name it,” reveals the proud mama.

*Article is excerpt from the Insider

Recipe for Haitian Griot (Fried Pork)

Picture taken by Cynthia Jones

Picture taken by Cynthia Nelson

½ cup chopped shallots
½ cup chopped onions
Black pepper to taste
Minced hot pepper to taste
1 teaspoon chopped fresh thyme
1/3 cup fresh lemon juice
2/3 cup fresh orange juice
3 teaspoons salt
3 lbs boneless pork shoulder cut into large cubes
2 cups water
3 tablespoons oil


  • Add the shallots, onions, black pepper, thyme, hot pepper, lemon and orange juice and salt to a bowl or cup and stir mix thoroughly.
  • Put the pork into a large zip plastic bag. Pour the marinade into the bag, squeeze out the excess air, close the bag and with your hand and mix the marinade and meat together. Place the bag on a plate and refrigerate. Marinate overnight or for at least 6 hours.
  • Remove the marinated pork and bring up to room temperature.
  • Pour the content of the bag – meat and marinade, along with 2 cups of water into a pressure cooker or large pot and stir to mix. If using a pressure cooker, close pressure cook for 8 – 10 minutes (time begins from the first whistle). If using a regular pot, cover, bring to a boil and cook for 45 minutes. The liquid should dry out. If it isn’t at this stage then let it continue to boil until it has or open the pressure cooker and let it boil until the liquid is gone.
  • Heat oil in pan until very hot.
  • Add pork to pan and let fry (sauté), turning a few times at 1-minute intervals until the pork is brown and the outside crusty.

Recipe by Cynthia Nelson from Staebroek News.

Griot is often served with Ti-Malace sauce, fried plaintains, Haitian accra, and rice and bean sauce.

Former Fugees Member Pras Michel Opens Kassava Caribbean Restaurant

Food at KassavaMessage from Kassava Caribbean Restaurant

  • Haitian/French Caribbean
  • Take Out/Delivery
  • All Event Catering

Kassava is a delicate yet unique blend of French Antilles/Caribbean & Jamaican Cuisine. The rare Spices of the “Creole” cuisine mined from exotic island fruits like Papayas, Mangos, Pineapples, Guava, Coconuts, Soursops, Passion Fruits, Star Apples & Avacados combined with delicious Jamaican Yams, Ackee, Cassava, Okras, Eggplants, Breadfruits & Plantains create a cuisine loved by people all over the world. Because of it’s unique geography, the Caribbean also brings the friuts of the sea, such as Conch, Shrimps, Crabs, Kingfish and other exotic seafoods.

The life long dream of Martinique-born Entrepreneur Marie France Levostre and Pras Michel (Hip-Hop group the Fugees) have always been to bring the Rare and Special taste of the Caribbean to the Beverly Hills & Los Angeles area.

For more info visit: http://kassava.web.officelive.com/default.aspx