Film and Foodie: The Irresistible Candy, Turkish delight

In the hit Marvel series Falcon and the Winter Soldier, the villain zemo offers up what he describes as irresistible Turkish delight candy. Zemo tempts a child into giving him answers.

Turkish delight was also used to tempt a child in Chronicles of Narnia. Boy, these candies must be something else. MCCN decided to learn more about this candy.

Turkish delight or lokum is a family of confections based on a gel of starch and sugar. Premium varieties consist largely of chopped dates, pistachios, hazelnuts or walnuts bound by the gel; traditional varieties are often flavored with rosewater, mastic, Bergamot orange, or lemon. The confection is often packaged and eaten in small cubes dusted with icing sugar, copra, or powdered cream of tartar.

History of Chess Pie and How to Make it

According to James Beard‘s American Cookery (1972), chess pie was brought from England originally and was found in New England as well as Virginia.[2] A recipe similar to chess pie appears in Martha Washington’s Booke of Cookery, from the mid-18th century. A recipe for chess pie appeared in the 1877 cookbook by Estelle Woods Wilcox, Buckeye Cookery.

Chess pie is most commonly associated as a dessert of the American South. Common types of chess pie are buttermilk, chocolate, lemon, and nut.

The origin of the name chess pie is unknown, but many theories have been proposed. It could be a derivation of “cheese pie”, the combination of eggs, butter, and sugar making a custardlike filling that is similar in texture to British cheesecakes and lemon curd;  it could be named after the town of Chester, England;  it could be from a piece of furniture used prior to home refrigeration called a “pie chest“, in which pies were stored; or it could have come from a mangling of “It’s just pie”/”It’s jes’ pie”


The basic chess pie recipe calls for the preparation of a single crust and a filling composed of flour, butter, sugar, and eggs. Some variations call for the addition of cornmeal as a thickener. Many recipes call for an acid such as vinegar, buttermilk, or lemon juice.

Watch How to Make Chess Pie

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Baker’s Passion Becomes Her Business

Pastry chef, Jalisa Harris is enjoying her decision to have faith and open One Bite, LLC. It’s her very own baking business serving the DMV area (D.C., MD, VA.). MCCN talks to her about her business and passion for baking in our new series, The Cool Culture Cook. READ MORE

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Claims have been made of the dish existing in the early 1800s in Louisiana, but this does not appear to be backed up by recipes or literature.[3] Attempts to trace the dish’s origin have not found any recipes dated earlier than 1886,[4][5] and well-known cookbooks such as Fannie Farmer and The Joy of Cooking did not include this dessert before 1940.








or Watch MCCN’s Editor’s Recipe:

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Rum Cake Recipe

Growing up in New York, I got the opportunity to taste the world from a young age. School potlucks meant arroz con gandules, Italian American tri-color cake, and one which especially stood out due to its poignant taste, Jamaican rum cake.

In most of the Caribbean, rum cakes are a traditional holiday season dessert, descended from the holiday puddings (such as figgy pudding). Traditionally, dried fruit is soaked in rum for months and then added to dough prepared with sugar which has been caramelized by boiling in dwater.

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Southern Style Key Lime Cake Recipe

Cake by Ollis Wright

Cake by Ollis Wright

Facebook has quite a few impressive groups where food lovers gather sharing recipes or simply images of foods they’ve prepared.  And it was the Urban Soul Kitchen where I laid eyes on a innovative take on key lime pie only it wasn’t a pie, it was key lime cake.  The talent behind the work was Ollis Wright.  I had to reach out to him.   Maybe his cake brought me back to a childhood where my maternal grandmother prided herself in making grand cakes to please her grandchildren.   Wright’s cake warmed my heart and tempted my tongue with the promise of citrus tang balanced with sweetness.

When I caught up with Wright, he shared, “Baking for me just kind of slipped upon me. I’ve always enjoyed cooking as a kid. I would always be in
the kitchen with my mother and helping her cook and prepare meals or just simply sit and observe.”  I asked him how does it make you feel to bake?, ” Baking makes me feel
good just like cooking in general makes me feel good. It puts me in another world
where nothing else but my creation at that time matters to me.”

As for now, Wright is working on building his business and clientele.  The Atlanta based baker plans to move to Texas soon.  His baking talents are garnering part-time money for now.   However, ultimately he’d like  to have his own restaurant in multiple locations and possibly have his own cookbook too! – Written by Crystal A. Johnson MCCN Editor

Contact Ollis Wright:

My Savory Creations
IG: SavoryCreations_87
Facebook: SavoryCreations (Ollis Wright)

Now let’s dig into Olliis’  Southern Style Key Lime Cake Recipe: 


3 cups of all purpose flour

2 Cups of buttermilk

2 1/2 cups of sugar

2 cups of vegetable oil

3 eggs 

1 teaspn of baking soda

3 tble spns of green food coloring

1/2 teaspn of salt

1 teaspn of vinegar

1 1/2 tbl spn of lime zest

1 tabl spn lime extract

1 1/2 tbl spn vanilla extract

1 tble spn almond extract

Cream cheese frosting:

2. 8oz of cream cheese room temp

1 lime squeezed for juice

4 cups of sifted powder sugar (confectioner’s)

1 1/2 tbl spn of lime zest


Prepare 3. 7″ cake pan by layering with crisco, be sure to fully coat and leave no dry spots. Then follow behind with all purpose flour be sure to cover entire pan on inside to add protective coat, this will cake from sticking to pan when time for removal.


Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees

Apply flour, buttermilk, sugar, and oil. Mix batter until thick and smooth. Next add eggs then blend again until smooth. Add remaining ingredients and mix until smooth. Use all three cake pans to prepare batter and be sure to distribute evenly. Place pans with cake batter in the oven for 30-40 minutes.Use  wooden tooth pick or wooden skew to check that cake is done. Device should be clear of cake batter if cake is done.

Let cake layers cool for about 1 to 2 hours then cover the top of each with thick layer of cream cheese frosting. Once they have all been cover and neatly stack on top of each other. Proceed to apply thick coating of frosting all around cake until completely covered. Then garnish with lime zest and candied limes wedges to your discretion.



It’s S’more for Adults



image from Felicia Robinson

The S’more recipe is a classic campfire experience bringing joy to kids all over America but some of the kids have grown to adults and still want in on the fun.   How about pairing strawberries and Prosecco to offer a more adult spin to the classic.   Prosecco pairs well with juicer fruits. Felicia Robinson came up with this ultimate pairing of comfort food during the 2020 Pandemic.  Click  to see Hershey’s original recipe for the snack.