Unveiling Identity of Djanjo Unchained Panamanian Beauty Nichole Galicia

If you’re a guy, you go into the theater to see Django Unchained with the hopes of gazing at the beautiful Kerry Washington.  However, Tarantino had an extra pleasant surprise for male viewers in the arm candy of his character Calvin Candie played by Leonardo DiCaprio.  Sheba, pun intended is played by the Panamanian beauty Nichole Galicia.  READ MORE

Galicia had a moment like Wesley Snipes in Mo Betta Blues.  Women went to see Denzel Washington but they left inquiring Wesley Snipes.   Good Luck Galicia, your star may just have been born.

MCCN Host Erika L. Holmes Gets Personal about Latin Foods

MCCN host Erika L. Holmes shares about the foods of Puerto Rico and Panama.  Our host of What’s the Dish? is a proud PanaRican.

See Erika interview celebrities about their favorite foods in the Video Section

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