A look at African Restaurants Around the World

Dukem Restaurant in Baltimore and Washington, DC

Dukem Restaurants: If you want Ethiopian food, you might have to do a little searching to find it, but in Baltimore and Washington DC., there are at least two  places to go to have your craving satisfied. Dukem Restarurant #1(Washington DC.) and Dukem Restaurant #2 (Baltimore, Maryland) are both owned and operated by the Zewdie family. Tefera Zewdie was the brainchild behind the now 13-year old Dukem Restaurant located on U Street in DC., and now at almost five years old, its downtown Baltimore location has carved out its own following. READ MORE

Ghanaian Food: Amma’s Fare- London, England

123 Woolwich High Street
London SE18 1TG
A small Ghanaian restaurant with a thriving community of Ghanaians and Nigerians who come regularly to eat and discuss the state of the world. Their specialty is tilapia, with their own pepper and shito sauces, complete with fried yam or banku. The tilapia is marinated and stuffed with a ginger and garlic mix and garnished with fresh tomato and onion. Now that sounds like an irresistible dish! Proprietors Bob and Amma are pictured.

Chez Maggie –Madagascar– Yes kids, Madagascar is Much More Than An Animated Movie.

Chez Maggie Hotel and Restaurant is a romantic hide-away in a secluded garden setting. Chez Maggie is a luxury beach front resort in Morondava. “The Sunshine” Restaurant & Bar serves the finest local cuisine in a large, thatched roof setting where you can enjoy a sunset over the Mozambique Channel while you eat. The menu includes “Fruits of the Sea” delivered by the local fishermen, as well as flavorful fruits, vegetables, meats and cheeses of the country. A full service bar is on the premises.
Chez Maggie
P.O. Box 73, Morondava, Madagascar
Phone: In Madagascar: 95 523 47, International: +

Bukom Cafe- Washinton, DC.- Been there, done that and it was good.
2442 18th St. NW
Washington D.C. 20009 (202)265-4600
This restaurant serves West African cuisine including kenkey, gari, jollof rice, okra soup, fufu, egusi soup, chicken yassa, moi-moi and more

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