Film and Foodie Review: Captain America – Winter Soldier

Honestly, when I come from seeing a Captain America movie I become a Yankee doodle dandy.  Serve me some Apple pie becausechris-evans-captain-america-95e1533eb1b20a97777749fb94fdb944 Cap puts the patriotic spirit in you.  Chris Evans also just seems to fit the character like a glove.  Personally, I get lost the the puddle of his blue eyes any moment that he is distressed.  He seems to carry the weight of not only America but the world on his shoulders.  In addition we know our hero is trying to persevere in a very new world with different ideals.  Evans portrays his character with vulnerability.  Couple that with the Winter Soldier in this film and you’ve got more to torment Steve Rogers AKA Captain America.    The history between the character is rich as any comic book fan would have understood the Winter Soldier was coming based on the first film setting it up.

This script is smart.  It seems to have more action than its predecessor but I like the warm sepia tones of the first Captain America;however, that  touch was because it was a period piece.  The agents of shield also seem to more comfortable in their roles.   Scarlett Johanssen and Samuel Jackson up their screen time in this film.  Plus there is the addition of Anthony Mackie as Falcon.      Also expect to see Robert Redford with a central role.

The Food – Buy me some some peanut and Cracker jacks.   Also the Jello Flag Cakes or pops may be a good idea when this film hits dvd.

The Original Anti-Valentine’s Day Movie List Part I

When the list hit our website, it also made IMDB’s hit list with over 22,000 hits over one weekend.

Every year on Valentines Day, single men and women, without a Valentine of their own, are left to their own devices. Not saying there is anything wrong with Valentine’s Day, but for those who aren’t exactly “looking forward” to February 14th — have no fear. If you are among the many who will stay at home this Valentines Day, MCCN has the ultimate Anti-Valentine’s Day movielist, plus some comfort food dishes to keep you in good spirits.  Happy Anti-Valentine’s Day!

North by Northwest
Need an escape from reality? There’s nothing like a little case of mistaken Identity to shake things up. A New York ad executive is mistaken as an agent by foreign spies, and has to flee to surive. While enjoying Cary Grant run from a biplane, try a helping of potato salad with Sausage and vegetables in light of the Dakota’s German heritage.


The Big Lebowski
“The Dude” abides as Jeff Bridges turns in a pop culture worthy performance as Jeffery Lebowski. Wrongly targeted by kidnappers, The Dude must track down the right Lebowski and fix the wrongs done to him. In keeping with the lackadaisical tone of the film, either have some breakfast for dinner (Pancakes recommended) or order out. Just remember to pair it with the Dude’s favorite drink, a White Russian.

My Bloody Valentine 3-D
For those in a foul mood, a horror film about Valentine’s Day might do the trick. Either the 1981 version or the 2009 remake should satisfy your distaste of Valentines Day. Just remember to fix yourself a nice Devonshire Sandwich. Don’t forget to pour on the Heinz Ketchup.


Sometimes after a particularly bad relationship, we all hope for a little memory loss. Why not watch a man who can’t quite remember what just happened? Memento is an amazing film that follows a man as he tries to solve his wife’s murder. Munch on something you love, be it candy, ice cream or a hot dog as you follow along with the twists and turns of the film.


Editors Picks: Chasing Papi
Three women are in love with one man but learn new lessons about love and personal identity. This one is sure to put a positive light on being single. Have some sancocho (a soup with meat and vegetables in a broth) in light of leading actress Sophia Vergara’s Colombian heritage.

The Namesake: The namesake stars Kal Penn and is based off of the best selling book.  American-born Gogol, the son of Indian immigrants, wants to fit in with Americans. This is a story of a young man working working through identity. Since this movie is rich with traditions check out our article on India’s Tea Time.

Thelma and Louise: How American, this classic film’s ending truly means give me liberty or give me death.  Although, not a suggestion for the second option this film is truly a single woman’s bon bon eating film with a side of young Brad Pitt.

Waiting to Exhale: Liberation, Desperation, love and realization all take place in Waiting to Exhale starring Angela_Bassett_fireAngela Bassett, Whitney Houston, the late Gregrory Hines and more.  A perfect story for Anti-Valentine’s women to feel comfortable with being  single. Check out Sylvia  of Harlem’s drink recipe named for the movie.Waiting to Exhale Drink

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Reviews by Michael Fusco and MCCN Editor Crystal Johnson

Film & Foodie Review: The Wolf of Wall Street


The Wolf of Wall Street is an in your face outrageous looney and often times vulgar ride.  It the telling of the real life story of Jordan Belfort.  In the 1990s, he founded the brokerage firm Stratton Oakmont which functioned as a boiler room marketing penny stocks, where he defrauded investors with fraudulent stock sales   All I could think is this is going to be a DVD collectors classic in the likes of Donnie Brasco instead you are watching “corporate gangsters.”  Leonardo DiCaprio is utterly amazing as crooked New York stockbroker Jordan Belfort.  His physical comedy is hilarious.  Matthew McConaughey role is brief but freakishly entertaining.  Jonah Hill is also provides an impressive performance.    The characters are great and the story keeps you guessing, “What is going to happen next?”

The Food:  Guys, if you catch this in movie theaters then a more upscale restaurant may be in order.    If this winds up being a movie night at home.  Then have some fun with champagne and caviar.

*Advisory:  Not for children, nudity, cursing, and sex

Ranking:  Sunny Side Up

Film and Foodie Review of Skyfall



Skyfall is a stellar action packed film with back story to boot! Daniel Craig fits Bond like a glove in this well crafted film.  The boldly artistic opening sequence establishes a tone like a vortex wrapping around you and bringing you further into the film.  The story strings together a series which brings new chapters to the Bond series and closes an old one.  New characters enter while old characters exit.  Enter, Javier Bardem as a sinister sexually ambilavent villian hell bent on vengeance.

Let the flirtation and 007’s international appetite for women continue.  READ MORE

Dinner and A Movie: Best Football Films

With the Super Bowl right around the corner, MCCN’s film critic has picked some of the best football movies to help mentally prepare you for the big game on February 7th. So get ready, get in the mood with our movie food matches by a comfort food critic and go through our list of football faves:

Brian’s Song
It’s hard to not cry during this touching and very true film. Starring James Caan and Billy Dee Williams as Brian Piccolo and Gale Sayers respectively. The film follows Piccolo as he becomes fast friends with Sayers before finding out that he is dying. Both Caan and Williams give great performances that stand out amongst their early work.-

Dinner: for old time sake a TV Dinner.  Come on, transport yourself to the 70’s. No fuss just sit back and enjoy the movie. These days there are new spins to the classic meal.

We Are Marshall
Matthew McConaughey and McG the director combined deliver their best work of the 2000’s. The film follows the rebuilding of the Marshall football team after a devastating plane crash in which a majority of the team and coaching staff were killed. McConaughey plays the coach who volunteers to coach the team and attempts to console the campus after tragedy. Dinner: Traditional Mexican chili is simmered beef chunks, spicy and seasoned, served seperately from the beans.

Remember the Titans
Remember the Titans is a touching story about racial divide and the desegregation of a suburban Virginia high school. Denzel Washington leads a strong cast in this 2000 drama. Future stars Ryan Gosling, Kate Bosworth, and Hayden Panettiere make an appearance, but the true star is the touching story and the triumph of friendship over social divides.  Dinner: Considering that the film centers on a college football team, go with milkshakes and hamburgers. Even Denzell Washington ate those foods to gain 40 pounds in Pelham 123.

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Dinner and Movie: Stoning of Soraya M.



Dinner: The movie takes place in Iran. Traditional Iranian food include chelo kabaab, khoreshte sabzi, dolmeh, and cotlet.  Visit MCCN’s Mediterranean Recipe Section.

Featured Food: Dolmeh- Photo by

The Movie: Among the standout films of the year is The Stoning of Soraya M, a powerful drama based on a true story. A young woman is falsely accused of adultery and thereby is sentenced to death by stoning.  Recently, the film has earned a nomination for best foreign language film from the NAACP Image Awards.  The Stoning of Soraya M. is in both Farsi and English.  The Oscar nominated actress Shohreh Aghdasloo stars along with Jim Caviziel.  Eat before you see this film because one is not likely to have much of appettite after screening it.    When I viewed this film at the Los Angeles Film festival, the man who attended the film with me walked out because he deplored and found the situation in the film disturbing.  However, make no mistake although disturbing it is an important and excellent film.

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Dinner and a Movie: Sherlock Holmes

The Dinner: If you follow the lead of Sherlock Holmes which usually proves clever to do then fine dining with white table cloths and napkins might be fit for the evening. A spot of tea, may be an inspired choice as tea served from fine pots is also consumed repeatedly throughout the film. Another option maybe to dine at the Sherlock Holmes Pub & Restaurant in London located at 10-11 Northumberland St, London WC2N 5DB

The Movie: The caper of Sherlock Holmes is fabulous from beginning to end. Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law have an incredible witty chemistry as Holmes and Watson. Directed by Guy Ritchie, the film is completely marked with Ritchie style.  However, if one is not familiar with Ritchie’s work the movie will come as a completely fresh take to the Sherlock Holmes figure.  Purists of the famed Sherlock Holmes will either love or hate this movie. Much the new interpretation of Bond, Sherlock Holmes follows the lead of becoming more gritty and violent. Ritchie presents Holmes not only as a brilliant eccentric but a man of brawn as well. Sherlock Holmes kicks butt as a tough guy.   Downey is perfectly cast and delightful. Sherlock Holmes is one of the best films of the year!

Review by Crystal A. Johnson, film critic for the Valley Scene Magazine and Multi Cultural Cooking Network

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Dinner and Movie: The Princess and the Frog

The Dinner:  The story of The Princess and the Frog takes you to New Orleans where beignets, Po’Boys and Jambalaya are local faves.

The Movie: The Princess and the Frog

The Princess and the Frog hit s theaters nationwide on December 11th.  It is a long-awaited return to classic animation  and Disney’s first African-American animated princess.  The story centers around Tiana, a working class woman from New Orleans with hopes of opening her own restaurant.  The Disney films drives home the point of having a good work ethic.

Tiana is voiced by Tony award winner Anika Noni Rose, more widely recognized as one of the Dreamgirls from the movie Dreamgirls.  Who is the dashing Prince turned frog?  Brazilian actor Bruno Campos (Nip/Tuck, Jesse) plays Prince Naveen of Maldonia.  The prince consumes the fruits of life without knowing what it is to labor for it until he meets Tiana.  Other celebrities voicing characters in the film include Oprah Winfrey and Terrence Howard.

Among the highlights of the film is the music and the characters.  There are catchy tunes sprinkled throughout the film.   The characters resonate to a point in which you know they will become a common to everyone as Pinocchio or Simba.  When a dialogue is written well and acted superbly it amounts to a winning combination.

Also this film is a treat to foodies because it not only showcases New Orleans food;moreover, it drives the point of how preparing food can be a loving act.

Film and Foodie: Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs


Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs is a great family film and a great excuse to extend the bonding experience over a plate of none other than meatballs.  If you don’t feel like cooking below are a few spots which are known in LA for having great meatballs.

Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs is based on a book which made its debut in 1978.  Although, I was a kid back then, it was too early for the story to have made its mark in children’s book history.  Although, if I speak to people just a few years younger than me at age 27 they will say, ” I love that book when I was a kid.”

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