2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Farewell, Big Ben. Hello, Brazilian beaches.
Rio de Janeiro will debut as the first South American city to host the Olympics. It beat out a high-profile bid from Chicago.

he Rio 2016 Games will provide the best possible environment for peak performances. Athletes will enjoy world-class facilities, including a superb village, all located in one of the world’s most beautiful cities, in a compact layout for maximum convenience.

The competition venues will be clustered in four zones – Barra, Copacabana, Deodoro and Maracanã – and connected by a high-performance transport ring. Nearly half of the athletes will be able to reach their venues in less than 10 minutes, and almost 75 per cent will do so in less than 25 minutes. Of the 34 competition venues, of which 18 are already operational, eight will undergo some permanent works, seven will be totally temporary and nine are being constructed as permanent legacy venues.

The Rio Games will also celebrate and showcase sport, thanks to the city’s stunning setting and a desire to lift event presentation to new heights. At the same time, Rio 2016 will be an opportunity to deliver the broader aspirations for the long-term future of the city, region and country – an opportunity to hasten the transformation of Rio de Janeiro into an even greater global city.

London Olympics 2012: Olympians Served High Tea

By JULIE LEVIN Cronkite News-LONDON – At the InterContinental London Park Lane Hotel, you can be an Olympic queen for one afternoon. Or an Olympic king, for that matter.

Tea, anyone? And here’s your chocolate gold medal to go with it.

Afternoon royal tea, a British staple, and dishes inspired by Queen Elizabeth II are served in the Wellington Lounge at the swanky hotel. Pastry chef Luis Meza even caters to the Olympians staying at the hotel, creating chocolate gold medals to deliver to their hotel rooms.

The hotel is on the site of the queen’s childhood residence at 145 Piccadilly. The queen’s current residence at Buckingham Palace is nearby.


American Olympian Lolo Jones

The green eyed 100m hurdler Lori Jones also known as”Lolo” was born in Baton Rouge Louisiana on August 5 1982. She is an all American track and field athlete competitor for the USA and specializes in the 60 and 100 meter hurdles. Jones is best known for her astonishing performances wininng silver in the 2008 world athletic finals as the record holder of a 7.72 in the 60 meter hurdles. Jones as also won three NCAA titles including two All-American honors while attending college at Lousiana State University. READ MORE

Her Emotional Response to her loss and the media.

Jamaican Olympic Gold Medalist Usain Bolt

When you say Usain Bolt, you may as well say… history.  He is the likes of super star Olympian Carl Lewis but to running enthusiasts and

The Bolt

country called Jamaica, he is “The Bolt”.  A legend in his own time,  exuding with charisma.  He has that pose that dazzles the spectators and the sports photographers alike.  The excitement surrounding Jamaica’s gold medal winning Olympian could not be more perfect with the 50 Years of Independence of Jamaica marked on the same day he trail blazes into history. READ MORE

Marlen Esparza: 1st American Female Boxing Team in the Olympics- That’s Golden

Born in Texas to Mexican Parents, Marlen Esparza represents the USA in the London 2012 Olympics as a boxer.  This is the first time women’s boxing has been permitted.  Legends such as Laila Ali wish they could have the honor of competing in the Olympic games.    Houston Chronicle cites -This isn’t your typical fighter….

In a sport that is the ultimate test of will and willpower, fearlessness and fortitude, Esparza’s motivation to be great, her desire to achieve, grows on a distinct and rare branch of the competitive tree.

Most fighters want to punish foes. Esparza, 23, wants to humble them.

The first woman to make a U.S. Olympic boxing team would rather see you throw in the towel than go down for the count.  READ MORE

See Interview with Marlen Esparza


What Shines About Olympic Gymnast Gold Medal Winner Gabby Douglass

Let Your Dreams Take Flight
Gabby Douglass the 2012 London Olympics

Leave the child alone.  I really don’t want to give the gossip about Gabby Douglass hair shine time so let’s talk about what does shine about her.  She shows a commitment to excellence, hard work, and she helped the American women’s gymnastics team earn a gold medal.  She has accomplished what few in the world will ever do especially the petty people worrying about how much gel she has in her hair.  While others are watching their butts getting bigger sitting on couches watching TV and playing video games, this young lady exercises more in a week then many will do in a year.

If you agree say Amen or join the movement at Haters Need to Shut the Hell Up About Gabby Douglas Hair.  No, I would never say shut the hell up but I understand the sentiment of the folks that do. This is why we need not only to read Black History but we actually need to comprehend it.   This post will be revised in week with all mention of that issue removed because she deserves better.

 Crystal A. Johnson, MCCN Editor

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Olympic Swimmer Cullen Jones Saving Lives By Making a Splash

Olympic swimmer Cullen Jones describes the pool as feeling like “home,” but it wasn’t always that way.  After nearly drowning as a 5-year-old child, Jones learned to swim and has made it his mission to reduce the startling number of drowning deaths among African-American children each year.

The Facts

The USA Swimming Foundation found that 75 percent of African-American and 60 percent of Latino children cannot swim. Now that the summer months are upon us, water safety education is again a priority, and USA Swimming Foundations’ Make a Splash initiative and Olympic gold medalist Cullen Jones are working together to share some important lessons to communities in need.


NBC and Patch.com


The Very Multi-Cultural American Olympic Gymnast- Kyla Ross

Wikipedia -Kyla Ross was born on October 24, 1996 in Honolulu, Hawaii to Jason and Kiana Ross. Her father is black and Japanese and her mother is Filipina and Puerto Rican. She has two younger siblings and attends Aliso Niguel High School in Aliso Viejo, California.

2012 Olympic Team

Ross’s mother, Kiana, said that she was always very strong with a lot of energy, “She was born with muscles. We would go to the park and everybody would say ‘Whose baby is on top of that jungle gym?’ And I would say ‘Oh, that’s my baby. Don’t worry about her, she’s fine.'” Her father, Jason, added, “It would use all my effort to get her to sit in her car seat, and I’m a pretty big guy, a strong guy. When she was born, we were like, ‘Oh my God, she has triceps, she has quads hanging off her. What the heck’s going on?’ And she was just super strong. I mean, at an early age, she was able to walk across the monkey bars, just hanging herself.

Check the article- 10 Cool Things about Kyla Ross

See her in Action


Foodtography: Olympic Cookie

Okay, expert cookie makers even though it is a bit too hot to think about baking, we found a little Olympic inspiration.  A friend of mine works at NBC affiliate where they brought an Olympic cookie to the station for opening day for the Olympics.  NBC is covering the Olympics. My friend posted this photo on Facebook.  I reposted on the Multi Cultural Cooking Network Fan Page at FB (Like Us).  One of our fans asked, “Where can I find a cookie cutter like that?”  We did some research,  on Amazon of course.  Click Here