NBA Star Ray Allen to Open 1st Organic Fast-Food Restaurant on East Coast

Two-time NBA champion Ray Allen and his wife Shannon Allen, are in the process of opening a chain of organic fast food restaurants. The name of the fast food chain is “Grown” and their first one will be located in Miami, FL.  READ MORE


Food Allergies – Eating natural organic foods can hold the solution

Modern diets are ill suited for our genetic composition. Evolution has not kept pace with advances in agricultural food processing resulting in a plague of health problems for modern man, including but not limited to severe food allergies.

Children and adults living on this Island in Papua New Guinea eat natural foods off the land and have been tested to show dont suffer from any allergic reaction to common allergenic foods. Yet, on parts of the island where processed foods are now part of the daily diet and cleaning products widely available, allergies suddenly become present.

Often, allergies may be causing diseases that are stumping doctors and specialists time and time again.

By following an organic paleo diet, the single most important nutritional change we can make towards our health, helps to eliminates modern day high allergenic foods, while keeping the immune system strong and the body functioning optimally. READ MORE

Golden Globe 2010 Menu: Feeding the Stars

2009 Golden Globe Award Winner Kate Winslet

As one of Hollywood’s most celebrated events of the year, the Golden Globes are viewed by millions of people in over 150 countries worldwide. And we generally know what to expect by the time the 67th annual ceremony rolls around on Jan. 17— the bright lights, gilded statuettes and round tables filled with celebrities. The only thing you probably aren’t used to seeing is what the stars are eating for dinner.

The thought of some celebrities actually eating a real meal might surprise the fans who watch them on screen showcasing their well-trained physiques, but part of the time-honored traditions of this event—held every year at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills—is the food.

This year is no different, albeit a little less flashy than you might expect. According to a recent Associated Press article, the menu includes herb-crusted mozzarella and grilled eggplant salad over vine ripe tomatoes, braised beef short ribs and artichoke sweet pepper ragout, as well as sautéed sea bass with truffle endive fritto.

Moet, still the official champagne brand of the Globes for the past 16 years, will be adding some social lubricant to the party with personal-sized bottles topped with mini-champagne flutes.

For dessert, a chocolate concoction, called “The Envelope Please,” includes a dark chocolate truffle filled with chocolate mousse and mandarin orange jelly sitting next to a chocolate envelope with a thin letter-sized piece of chocolate poking out of it.

With approximately 1300 guests in attendance, the challenge of serving and satisfying the diverse pallets of everyone from Zoe Saldana to Mickey Rourke has to be a challenge, And can you imagine having to plan a menu six months in advance just to make sure everything is perfect? Soon a team of over 100 chefs will be working from 6 a.m. to midnight the day of the awards all the way to the last minute before service ends.

But maybe it helps that the culinary staff will be using some familiar products. With an eye towards fresh, California cooking and the use of native products, the menu for the Globes this year is steeped in predictably tasty local flavors. Organized by Beverly Hilton executive chef Suki Sugiura (a four-time veteran of the Golden Globes) the menu is one that seems to symbolize Hollywood’s health-conscious culture, minus the dessert. And even though Hollywood surpassed $10 billion dollars in box office profit, it’s nice to see that the menu keeps things modest and light.

Article by Nate Jackson

India’s Tea Time

indian chai, indian tea, masala chai, indian drinks

Masala chai is an integral part of India's tea time.

Did you think tea time was only popular in England? Well think again! Tea is a popular social event in India. And why wouldn’t it be? India is the world’s largest producer, exporter and consumer of tea. The Indian Tea Time menu is a high tea (a fairly substantial meal) but in today’s world it can be made into a dinner and an excellent menu for entertaining. What’s on the menu? See for yourself!





Indian Tea Time Menu

Chutney/Cucumber Sandwiches-Thin slices of tomato and cucumber with a spread of cilantro-mint-ginger chutney on sliced bread.

Bhel-Phuri (Mix 2 boiled and mashed Potatoes , 1 finely chopped cucumber, 2 finely cut tomatoes and 1 minced onion with a pack of Bhel Mix (crispy rice, sev or chickpea noodles). Pour 3 to 4 table spoons of raisin chutney and 1 to 2 tablespoons of mint chutney to the above mixture. Mix well. Garnish with chopped cilantro and serve. – a meal in itself.)

Masala Chai –  (tea infused with spices, fresh ginger and served with milk and sugar).

Gujarati Farsan or Namkeen – Crispy spicy snack made of rice, chickpea dough and nuts.

Kheer – Indian rice pudding

Have your own Indian tea time by making your own Masala Chai! Here’s a basic recipe for your drinking pleasure:

Basic Recipe


Water by 2/3 cup per person

Milk (whole or skim) by 2/3 cup per person

1½ cups Dried tea leaves (or tea powder) 1.5 tsp. for first person and then 1 tsp. per person. More than 5 persons reduce per person tea to 3/4 tsp. Brooke Bond Red label, Mamri, or Taj Mahal Black tea [do not use green tea) For gourmet chai use Assam Tea Leaves. These variety of Teas may be ordered from Sugar to taste.


1. Boil the water in a saucepan.

2. Add the tea spices by a pinch per person or whole spices as explained above. More if you want it more robust in spices. Experiment for personal taste.

3. Add the tea leaves.

4. When the concoction starts boiling, Add milk.

5. Boil for about a minute.

6. Strain the tea into the cups.

7. Remove strainer add sweetener as per taste and stir the tea well.

Spices for the tea above per cup or per person

Add a 1/4 inch piece of ginger, crushed with a mallet

1 cardamom pod, crushed in a mortar

1/4 inch cinnamon stick

2 whole black peppers – crushed in a mortar

1 small pinch of fennel

1 strand of saffron

1 pinch of ginger powder

1 Clove

1 pinch of dried mint

Photo and information resources: SBS Feast and Indian Food Co.

Asian Food: The Shitake Mushroom


Shitake Mushroom (Image from The Best Years In Life )

The shiitake mushroom is a wonder of a mushroom. With endless ways of cooking this delectable shroom, the shiitake makes for a true & welcome guest in the kitchen.

Shiitake mushrooms are native to China where it has been cultivated for over 100 years, typically this mushroom is cultivated on the shii tree. The first written record of a shiitake can be traced to Wu Sang Kwuang, born during the Sung Dynasty 960-1127 A.D. Some documents, however, record the mushroom being eaten as early as 199 A.D.

Shiitake mushrooms are found in a variety of cultures & cuisines. Russia produces and consumes large amounts of shiitakes, although they are mostly sold pickled. Of course the shiitake has its home in Chinese & Japanese cuisines where you will find it in miso soup.

Shiitake mushrooms are commonly sold dried in preserved packages. All you need to do to re-hydrate them is to soak them in water prior to using.

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Image from The Best Years In Life

Haitian-American Actress Opts for a Healthy Organic Diet for Her Sons

garcelle-nilon-with family

(Haitian-American Actress Garcelle Beauvais Nilon with Husband and children)

Garcelle admits that while her husband Mike Nilon, son Oliver and herself do not eat organic foods, she is determined to have her twins on a healthy, organic, diet. Growing up eating fresh foods and being conscious of the earth, the actress — who credits her family as “the best part of me” — hopes that her sons “will only know about helping our planet because that’s how they will be raised.” As the babies chow down on their special foods, the rest of the family is not left out as they are privy to Garcelle’s family-style cooking! “I cook almost every day, all kinds of yummy foods, from lasagna, to baked chicken, pork chops, rice and beans…you name it,” reveals the proud mama.

*Article is excerpt from the Insider