Baltimore: James Joyce Irish Pub & Restaurant


The James Joyce management and staff would like to introduce and welcome you to “Baltimore’s Home of Irish Hospitality”. As Harbor East blossoms and grows, we are the place where local residents and business people can come to relax. Our cozy, inviting atmosphere is the ideal place to sit back and enjoy a pint with an authentic hearty meal.

The James Joyce is a traditional Irish Pub and Restaurant, which was designed and built in Ireland and shipped over in the fall of 2002, where it was then fitted on site. Named after the famous Irish author and poet, our pub offers fast and friendly service.

The pub is conveniently located at the end of Interstate 83 South.

Located at 616 President St, Baltimore, MD 21202

Phone(410) 727-5107

Baltimore: Black Owned Restaurants & Eateries

Why would anyone want to know what is a Black owned business?  Unfortunately, Blacks in America still fight stereotypes about being lazy people on welfare waiting to collect a check and food stamps. Moreover, even many Black youth don’t identify with existence of successful Black owners right in their community.  Their perspective still may be limited to having to be a superstar or athlete in order to own a business.

In case you did not know Baltimore is one of the mostly highly Black populated cities in America.  The current mayor is an African American woman.   Not only are restaurants listed below Black owned but they are doing it with excellence, style and of course good taste.


Towson, MD: Review of Mo’s Seafood

If there is one restaurant Baltimore is known for it is Mo’s Seafood. recently the popular restaurant has opened a new location in Towson, MD complete with a tiki bar.  Unfortunately,  I didn’t get to enjoy it during the winter.  But it has a nice warm decor and environment.

Spending my  holiday in Maryland,  I had to have my Maryland fix of crab cake.  Well,  I settled for crab balls.  And confess,  I  didn’t have them fried I had them broiled.   With a few days after Christmas, I was calorie conscious.  To compliment my crab balls, I had hard cider along with it. Maryland is a real bar town.  I learned this from 13 years o living their starting in college.  if you’re doing the tourist thing, I suggest checking out the location in downtown Baltimore.  The Towson location is open from 10 AM to 2 AM.


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MCCN visits Dessert Fantasies in Baltimore

While on a trip to my old college town of Baltimore  which has as changed  in 20 years, my friend took me to Dessert Fantasies owned by Tosha.  You can’t miss this striking row house with the bright .pink wall accent  wall.   Once inside I caught a glimpse of  a photo locall news anchor Karen Parks on the wall. Tosha admitted that Karen has patronized several times.  I got a chance to interview her about her humble beginnings and current success.

imageMCCN(CRYSTAL):   What made you decide to open a cupcake business?

Tosha: I was baking at home I was not intending this as a business but it happened and I grew out of my space. I waned to expand my clientele so I decided to look for a shop.

MCCN(CRYSTAL): what were you doing previously vocationally?

Tosha:  I’ve worked for Macy’s in merchandising.

MCCN(CRYSTAL):  your favorites what is your signature?

Tosha:  The salted caramel cupcake.

MCCN(CRYSTAL): salted caramel is that the one you started at home?

Tosha:  Actually no, I didn’t even make cupcakes.  thanks I did not like cupcakes at all.  I started to grow and customers started to ask for smaller cakes to their take orders everything was customized.  anything special to you at the time I do not have specialty flavors until I actually open the shop.

MCCN(CRYSTAL): How was the transition from cake to cupcake? I feel like I can taste the difference in cakes and cupcakes.

Tosha:  Actually wasn’t much of a difference for me .  I use the same recipe for my cakes for the cupcakes.  it was a bit of a challenge when I started making cupcakes I started trying different flavors just to sample them out to see if I even like them at all as a cupcake versus a cake.

MCCN(CRYSTAL):  If some was to narrow it down to try three of your cupcakes, I know it is hard to choose but what should they try?

Tosha:  I would say chocolate, salted caramel, and strawberry cheesecake.

MCCN(CRYSTAL): Thank you
for taking the time to do this unexpected interview.


Location:  1433 E. Fort Ave Baltimore MD 21230

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Linthicum, Maryland: G&M Restaurant & Lounge

Broiled Seafood Platter

Broiled Seafood Platter

If you want a real authentic Maryland crab cake minus the extra filler, G&M Restaurant & Lounge will more than amply fill your craving, but it doesn’t stop there. The restaurant has been around for 35 years and is known for its crab cakes.  It also offers an assortment of international fare which takes its guest around the globe in one menu. John, G&M’s long-time manager, told MCCN: “We try to keep everybody happy with all the different cultural selections. We always listen to our customers.”  


Veal Scallopini Photo by Monica Johnson


Located in Linthicum, Maryland, just a few minutes from BWI-Marshall airport, G&M gets a variety of customers. Although it does no advertising, the popularity of the restaurant comes from its word of mouth reputation. The draw is the crab cake business, which ships all over the country, but G&M’s Chef Dimitri Kokoris cooks a variety of dishes including: Italian, Greek, French and American. He has been with the restaurant for about six years. 

On MCCN’s visit we enjoyed a variety of food including the greatly hailed crab cakes. They were huge, meaty, and delicious, but  before the crab cakes came the soup and salad, and boy was the soup something to write home about. I ordered theCream of Crab soup and the server recommended that I sprinkle some Old Bay seasoning  (We are in Maryland!) on what I was already “Mmmh, Mmmh, Mmmh”-ing about.  Not surprisingly, it did kick it up a notch, placing the exclamation point at the end of the Mmmh, Mmmh good!  

Next was the appetizer — fried calamari! It was very simply good. No fancy seasoning, just a pure fresh taste…and with  a squirt of lemon, the enjoyment factor went up even more.  

Review by Monica Johnson

Towson, MD: Review of Kathmandu Kitchen Nepalese and Indian Restaurant


Looking for Nepalese and Indian cuisine? Well, if you are in the Towson area of Maryland, just a block or so from Towson Town Center, Kathmandu Kitchen will serve your desire very nicely. Named after the capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu Kitchen opened about eight years ago and since then has, little by little, filled a cultural void that existed in Towson’s dining scene. Of course, seeing the area currently, you would never suspect that the abundant multiculturalism that exists in dining now was simply not present when they opened their doors. In fact, Kathmandu Kitchen was the first restaurant on their block (Allegheny Ave).


Owners, Kiran Pantha and Suundar Rajbhandari are both Nepalese, and they do not bring a generic experience to their guests. Himalayan spices are what differentiates authentic Nepalese cooking from Indian cooking; nevertheless, many dishes are the same. READ MORE


Where: 22 W Allegheny Avenue,
Towson, MD 21204-3915
Phone Number: (410) 847-9595
Fax Number: (410) 847-9141

Baltimore: Review of Shoo-Fly Diner

shoo fly

Let me begin with saying almost perfection was Sunday brunch time a Shoo-Fly Diner.  A friend of mine and I attended college together in Tanya orderingBaltimore but have since move to other state but on this Sunday afternoon get-together we drove past a familiar sight called the Belvedere Market.  Twenty years ago there nothing much happening in the space but it looked like it screamed potential.  Now the potential has grown into fruit with the Shoo-Fly diner nestled at this ideal location.    The aesthetic of Shoo-Fly is eclectic and chic for a diner.  They also fancy themselves as pub at night bar open some nights until 1AM.   The restaurant has an upstairs, downstairs, patio and bar.   In the downstairs area, you can view the chefs preparing the cuisine.



Downstairs dining

Downstairs dining


My friend order waffles with fresh strawberries and then a side order of a biscuit.  The biscuit is worth talking about.  The look of the biscuit not standard.  It is very dense yet somehow light in taste.  We loved them.



My order came complete with fried chicken, biscuit, homefries and a poached egg.  The batter of chicken proved to give a great texture an flavor.  I added a little fish sauce which a signature sauce at the establishment.  It tastes somewhat like a milder scotch bonnet sauce.  The only thing which failed my plate was the poached egg.  It was cold.  When management find out about my poached egg then the gave me a free serving of ice cream to share with my dining partner.  I love great customer service.  I strongly believe if they is a problem with the food which is not subjective then management or server should figure out a way to make you happy.  And thus, Shoo- Fly Diner did manage to make us happy with our dining experience.   -Crystal Johnson, MCCN Editor

fried chicken from shoo fly



Where:  510 E. Belvedere Ave Baltimore, MD

Telephone: (410) 464-9222


Baltimore, MD: Review of Nick’s Fish House & Grill


Let me begin with, “What a pleasure.”  A friend of mine has been suggesting Nick’s Fish House & Grill to me for a review by MCCN for years.  Well, finally I made it to Baltimore and I have to recommend this place strongly.  It is a great place for friends to get together and a romantic place for couples.  Nick’s is located right along a pier and you have a gorgeous view.  Moreover, the food does not disappoint.

fried green tomatoes

fried green tomatoes

We started with an order of friend green tomatoes which were topped with lump crabmeat.  It was delicious.  Although, I did think the coating could have more flavor like salt or even a slightly spicy seasoning but it was still good.  Then I ordered clams on the half shell while my friend ordered the item which keeps her coming back called the crab pretzel.  I was fortunate to sample some of her dish and it was unique and definitely a winner in the taste department.  crab pretzel

My clams where accompanied with cocktail sauce and horseradish on the side.  You can also ordered classic steamed crabs coated in old bay seasoning.  We also ordered white sangria but they were a bit heavy on the ice.

clams 2

Where:  2600 Insulator Dr, Baltimore, MD 21230

Telephone: (410) 347-4123


Thanks for the suggesting this spot Anna S.

MCCN editor with old college roomie Anna.

MCCN editor with old college roomie Anna.

African Restaurant Week- DC,Maryland and Northern VA


2012 Inaugural Restaurants Participating in DMV African Restaurant Week:


-And So Much More Tasty African Cuisine

*Special African Restaurant Week Discounts will be available*