Reese Witherspoon Invites You to some Down Home Recipes- New Cookbook


Academy award–winning actress, producer and entrepreneur Reese Witherspoon invites you into her world, where she infuses the southern style, parties and traditions she loves with contemporary flair and charm.

Reese Witherspoon’s grandmother Dorothea always said that a combination of beauty and strength made southern women ‘whiskey in a teacup’. We may be delicate and ornamental on the outside, she said, but inside we’re strong and fiery.


Meghan Markle Lends Support to New Cookbook called Together

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Meghan Markle, the Dutches of Sussex has thrown her support and signature behind a new cookbook, called Together.  Markle collaborates with Grenfell Tower survivors for a new community cookbook.   The official Kensington Palace Twitter has this to say:

The Duchess of Sussex first visited the kitchen in January, and has continued to make regular private visits. United by their passion for cooking as a way of strengthening communities, The Duchess was inspired by how the project empowers women at a grassroots level


The cookbook was Markle’s idea.  A portion of the sales will go to help the Hubb Community Kitchen

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Mini Napa Getaway! Part 2… — Eat, Drink, and Go!

We started our second day in Napa (well, our first of just two FULL days!) with a nice drive out to the Point Reyes National Seashore. We were going to hike locally around the Lake Berryessa area, but wild fires were still threatening the area. So we headed west. It’s a much larger area than […]

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Historian Explains Meghan Markle’s Family Tree

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gettyimages-960049638 Meghan and her Mom on the Royal Wedding Day

Let’s face it, Meghan Markle is more than a British princess, she’s America’s princess.  In America, her wedding was watched more than Prince Harry and Kate’s.   She is the classic story which has helped make Disney rich, a girl of humble means meets a prince and they live happily ever after.

Of course, what is even more unique about Markle is her multi-racial identity., born to a caucasian dad and an African American mom.   On her mother’s side, there is an all too familiar American, African American story which involves a lineage which includes slavery.

Check out this report:

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What’s in Store MCCN and Beyond?

Multi-Cultural Cooking Network has covered a wide variety of topics over the years.   As we embark on our 10th year, we want to find ways to streamline and improve.   So over the course of the next year, much of our entertainment focus on culture will shift to a new blog called Colorstream Media.   On the blog, you will find the world of media in color.    And then the new blog called Being Cultured expands from the concept of Being Cultured as a Eurocentric concept.   Being Cultured focuses on Etiquette, fashion, educating about different cultures, theatre and some film among the subjects.

So at times, we will reblog from those sites in moderation so you know where to find those topics.   At Multi-Cultural Cooking Network, we want to focus on Food.    What categories keep and hope to bring back?  We will keep food history, recipes, and healthy living.   We will shift from reviewing restaurants to spotlight on restaurants.   Travel topics will be narrowed down to the food scene.   Travel, in general, will move to Being Cultured.   We plan to bring back our original programming videos.   We plan to go back covering festival and maybe even asking celebs about their favorite foods while on the red carpet.

We believe you will enjoy the changes and the two new blogs.

Like our blog, you can find a Facebook presence for Being Cultured and Colorstream Media. 

True or False: Only rich people can afford to eat locally grown, organic food.

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There are two quotes that I love from an article which is nearly ten years old:

Only rich people can afford to eat locally grown, organic food. Have you heard that one before?

You’re either going to pay for it now, or you’ll pay for it later.

The all too unfortunate reality for people living paycheck to paycheck, low-income single parent household , or various other scenarios when deciding whether to shop organic is the need to stretch the dollar.    -Commentary by Crystal Johnson

The article below focuses on communities in Maine; however, its’ safe to say it reflects a national perspective as well.   Click Here to Read The Economic of Organic Food.

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Manhattan Beach, CA: Homie Restaurant


Homie is a restaurant I want to root for but there are some shortfalls in one major area…the food.   The cuisine by no means is bad or offensive but blah.  It doesn’t have a wow factor.  And a restaurant’s decor should not overwhelming exceed the core, the actual culinary dining experience.  My friend said his sandwich was bland and he would never dine here again.   So why would I want to root for this restaurant?   The location, location is great and the decor is eye-catching with the menu on the wall that even a 90-year-old could read the bold big letters.   The menu ideas are as ambitious as the beautiful decor and warm environment.  But no matter how chic the restaurant may be or how friendly your staff may be, the food has to be the best thing going in a restaurant.  Homie is riding in the mediocre lane. If you want a basic salad, a healthy sandwich and if you think healthy means no flavor then Homie is a safe choice.

Now on a more decadent menu item, dessert.   I ordered an $8 ice cream sandwich called “The Buddy”.  This classic treat takes on a not so classic spin covered in bacon and chocolate sauce.   Vanilla ice cream sandwiched between two perfectly soft chocolate chip cookies.    The dessert did not fail visually but the bacon choice needed to pop it didn’t offer much to the dessert but calories.   Perhaps a more smokey or salty bacon might have added to the flavor profile.   39501077_10156137043491865_6786184868985307136_n.jpg

The next item I tried was the Lavender latte.   The latte had a perfect foamy heart but the lavender notes didn’t shine through so the beverage came across as no more than an unflavored latte.


If I wanted to simply hang out and pass the time then Homie is a great spot.   But if I wanted to dine on great food, I would go somewhere else.   I hope the restaurant can elevate their flavor and seasoning to help Homie be an amazing experience.   I haven’t met more obliging and friendly staff than the people there so I hope they continue with great servers.

The website for Homie:

Open for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner.  They also have a coffee bar.


1140 Highland Avenue, Manhattan Beach

310-546-4663 (HOME)

THE TASTE- Los Angeles Times Event


One of my favorite events of the year happens on Labor Day weekend.  When I’ve interviewed the attendees of the event,  I’m hard pressed to find anyone that doesn’t think the experience is worth every penny.   Set at the Paramount Studio Lot, you walk into a virtual block party.  The sidewalks, the brownstones, the food and the music transports you to New York.   And as a New Yorker, I can vouch to the experience as authentic.  You equally marvel at your environment as you are taken aback by the Los Angeles culinary scene.

So what’s the bang you get for your buck?

  • Escape from Reality
  • Food from the Best Restaurants and Bakeries in LA.
  • You Get a Taste of the World from Italy to the Philippines to Ethiopia and more.21193036_10159180503065368_7832298793042169585_n.jpg
  • Day vs Night- Day and Night offer distinct vibes.  Read our Coverage of the Taste By Night.
  • All you can drink(Although, not advised by MCCN) –  All kinds of beverages are flowing endlessly. 21231108_10159182528145368_7946063294026575833_n.jpg

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A Comic-Con​ Foodie Pass


A Comic-Con, Foodie Pass, don’t we wish? Because after all, you gotta eat.   After those long lines and people watching those varieties of ambitious costumes of caped crusaders or out of this world heroes, it is time to sit at the table with a friend for some delicious bites of food from the city of San Diego.

My friend and I debated whether the self admittedly described, “Comic Book Nerd” would dare leave downtown to hit the beaches in the surrounding area and dine out.  I said yes they would.   My friend said no that wouldn’t.   You be the judge.  Nevertheless, whatever the answer, I have a go-to plan for you for dining and drinks.


Let’s start with the downtown area cuisine, what is central to Comic-Con and San Diego visitors.   The Water Grill is where we sat down to dine.  Our tall, long and communal style table creates an opportunity to chat with strangers or pretend you don’t notice them.  A friendly bearded waiter greeted us and took our orders.


I picked out the Manilla clam dish cooked in a saffron broth and chopped nuggets of chorizo.  It burst with flavor and a hearty French Baguette accompanies the dish it to sop up all the juice.  Each clam was a tender.    The other dish ordered, was the crab cake.  Unfortunately, with the experience of living in Virginia and Maryland where crab cuisine rule, the crab cake didn’t win us over.  It wasn’t offensive in taste.   Nor did it suffer from filler.   For many people in the area, the representation may be all they know.  Thus, I will simply say it was for me and I’ll venture to say not for any with a taste for east coast crab cakes.  This crabcake may be California typical.

Later in the evening, we caught the end of happy hour at a San Diego staple for brews, Karl Strauss Brewing Company.   Albeit small, the appetizer menu ranged from the run of the mil to innovative.   With items like Duck Fat pretzels.  I was so tempted but not in the mood for a bready carb.   For my friend, I ordered the classic boneless buffalo wings and for me,  I opted for a unique concoction of watermelon and feta, topped with peppers, pickled red onions drizzled with olive oil and Tajin seasoning.   37582223_10160511220930368_9134781580391219200_n

In the morning my friend to me to the Broken Yolk, which he told me is a San Diego breakfast staple.  I absolutely did not enjoy my breakfast.  The best item ordered was the messy caramel latte.  I ordered standard blueberry pancakes, eggs, and sausage.  I took one bite into the sausage and the oil splashed on my arm.  The eggs had no flavor.  The hash brown was more like hash burnt and the pancakes were flavorless.    The Broken Yolk clearly have people who love the establishment as it started in 1979 in Pacific Beach and has spread to locations throughout the area.   In fact, we walked past one near the Water Grill in downtown San Diego.   My experience is a subjective take.  I found the food flavorless, greasy, and cold.   My name is Crystal Jay, MCCN’s Food Scene Editor.

Escape Downtown

Where to dine outside of the downtown area when you visit San Diego: