Marlen Esparza: 1st American Female Boxing Team in the Olympics- That’s Golden

Born in Texas to Mexican Parents, Marlen Esparza represents the USA in the London 2012 Olympics as a boxer.  This is the first time women’s boxing has been permitted.  Legends such as Laila Ali wish they could have the honor of competing in the Olympic games.    Houston Chronicle cites -This isn’t your typical fighter….

In a sport that is the ultimate test of will and willpower, fearlessness and fortitude, Esparza’s motivation to be great, her desire to achieve, grows on a distinct and rare branch of the competitive tree.

Most fighters want to punish foes. Esparza, 23, wants to humble them.

The first woman to make a U.S. Olympic boxing team would rather see you throw in the towel than go down for the count.  READ MORE

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