In ‘Shazam’ Sitting at the Table Together as a Family Takes Center Stage.

During the holidays, there are often many extended family meals and get-togethers. Once the holidays are over, however, we often go back to our busy, everyday lives. School, work, homework, and after-school practices and activities take over, while family meals and time spent together often take a back seat to quick, on-the-go meals in the car or in front of the TV. There are so many benefits to eating dinner as a family, even if it is only a few times a week.  READ MORE

In the movie, Shazam there is an emphasis on family, saying grace and breaking bread together. Hopefully, the hit film which tugs at the heart strings will inspire families. Read more about the film below.

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Even though there has been a ton of critical praise for Shazam, I’ve been skeptical.   Moreover, the last thing I expected was such a diverse cast, a sweet message and well crafted story.  Rush out and see this movie especially if you are looking for something family friendly.  Wow, the cast is great.

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Shazam soars as a superhero movie.   It pokes fun at itself and pop culture too.

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