A Loving Gift: Allergen Free Baker’s Handbook

The Allergen-Free Baker’s Handbook could be one of the most loving choices in gift giving.  I use to be the director of a Girl Scout’s Summer Camp and among the duties that I had to do was to separate snacks to protect girls with food allergies.  Every week I had to look over records to see if I had new camper with a food allergy but concerned parents are usually sure to tell you. Thus, I have an increased awareness about this topic.

Being a fan of the musical “Rent”, I stumbled upon some information about Rent Star, Adam Pascal’s wife being the author of books which have to do with allergen free cooking.  Hope you find this information below helpful. –Crystal A. Johnson, MCCN Editor

On December 19, 1998, Pascal married Cybele Chivian, daughter of Eric S. Chivian, M.D., Director of the Center for Health and the Global Environment at Harvard Medical School and 1985 Nobel Prize winner. They have two sons, Lennon Jay (born October 2001) and Montgomery Lovell (born February 2004).

Due to their children’s food allergies, Cybele created nutritious, enjoyable, safe recipes, which she included in her book The Whole Foods Allergy Cookbook: Two Hundred Gourmet & Homestyle Recipes for the Food Allergic Family. Cybele has also published a second book in December 2009, titled The Allergen-Free Bakers Handbook. – (Wikepedia)

Photo of Pascal and wife Cyble from http://Broadwayworld.com

Book Photo image from: http://cybelepascal.com


Happy Holidays: Kick Off it With “Seasons of Love”

Sure, the classic broadway song Seasons of Love is not your traditional holiday song but the story of Rent takes place during Christmas time and the cast filled with cultural diversity which we love to celebrate at MCCN.  However, aside from culture which is down played in the story in a wonderful way, a recurring theme in Rent is the problem of homelessness.  The holiday season tends to make it easier to supply food to those in need.  Many organizations have can food drives or need help in soup kitchens.  Make this a season of love. 

Check back here for updates of where you can help in your area.