The Lunch Bunch

By Roger Chesley (The Virginian Pilot)-Another Tuesday has rolled around. At one Norfolk restaurant, laughs and lies, ribbing and recollections are on the menu.


The male customers, in their 60s to 80s, might talk about a long-ago basketball star or a controversial arrest of a local teenager. Over chicken and collards or grilled steak and green beans, a weekly ritual plays out – table by table – at the Golden Corral on North Military Highway.

The men tease each other, update their health – prostate issues are a concern – and plan road trips to see pro and college games.

They bask in the knowledge that they’ve tackled hardships and endured – mostly in anonymity.

Until now.

The guys call themselves the “Lunch Bunch.” It’s an informal gathering of more than 125 black men who grew up primarily in Norfolk, attended Booker T. Washington High School during segregation, and went on to successful careers in various fields.  READ MORE

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