The Asian Equation in American Life and Politics- Spoken Word by Jason Chu

So many Americans tend to speak of the inhabits in only terms of Black and White.  Despite growing Latino and Asian populations we are stuck in a yester year perception of America which has always been a fallacy propagated too long.  With the media in the hands of more people than ever before we have of a potential to stop the madness, stop the lies and combat stereotypes.  This short two minute spoken word video by Jason Chu is worthy of your time.  See Stats of Asian American Voting Trends

I would add his video apology about the tragic shooting at the Sikh temple is equally compelling(Click here). -Crystal A. Johnson, MCCN Editor

Using The Term “Oriental’

An Article From I was a student in Asian-American studies, one of the first concepts instilled in us was that “oriental” is a bad word. Here in the U.S., the term — which has historically been used to encompass those of Asian descent — is now politically incorrect. Nowadays, referring to a person as “oriental” might instantly offend them and trigger the retort, “I AM NOT A RUG!” I’ve acquired a disdain for the word myself, which has sparked heated debate with Asians and non-Asians alike — and inspired various identity crises when choosing among instant noodle brands.

But maybe there’s a case to be made for using the term. After all, making a word like “oriental” taboo leaves people confused and dispersed among the plethora of acronym-happy identifiers (Asian-American, Asian Pacific American, Asian Pacific Islander American, etc). And though vacuuming many diverse cultures into a single term undoubtedly ends up understating the individuality of each, when it comes to coalition building, might “oriental” be the most accurate and efficient term? READ MORE