Caramel Apple Bottoms! Cocktail Recipe

This recipes not only turned my head but countless others when Demitri McDaniel posted his autumn concoction, he likes to call Caramel Apple Bottoms Up!. It screams of yesteryear, our childhood days of biting into a caramel covered apple yet this twist is clearly for the grown folks. September makes way for the cravings its signature flavors and colors of fall, the rustic reds and brown. This cocktail recipe is bound to be a scene stealer.

In McDaniel’s words:

This started from my love for the drink Washington Apple (Crown Royal Apple, cranberry juice and apple pucker)

As for this cocktail, I’m a little heavy handed because I like brown liquor (Whiskey/Bourbon).

-Crown Royal Caramel Apple a little sweet so only add 2 shots or 3 shots Crown Royal Caramel Apple.

– 1 shot simple syrup 3 parts Apple Juice/cider.

-Serve with crushed ice.

Salted glass Instructions

How do you Rim a glass with salt?

  1. If you remember ahead of time, chill your glass. … 
  2. Get yourself a quarter of a lime. … 
  3. Run that notch all around the rim of the glass until the glass rim is really wet.
  4. Put some salt in the dish. … 
  5. Tip the glass over into the salt.

Dress top of the glass with a red delicious apple slice and drizzle with caramel on the side glass and over crushed ice You’ll love it!

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