Darker Than Blue Restaurant in Baltimore is a Class Act

Get Ready for the New Series, East Coast Pitstops on the Multi Cultural Cooking Network coming in November.  The series is based on articles written by Los Angeles Restaurant Critic, Crystal Johnson.  Darker Than Blue Restaurant is one of the best places for superb food.

Darker Than Blue– Waverly ( Not far from Johns Hopkins University)

 Named for a Curtis Mayfield song, this restaurant will have taste buds singing a happy tune. Darker Than Blue has a sophisticated vibe of a Blues establishment mixed with fine dining experience on Greenmount Ave. Baltimoreans would scratch their head about the location, location, location but if you love southern cuisine and want experience not only to perfection but with class then Darker Than Blue is the place for you. The chef took our taste-buds from the southern US to Spain. Wine is not sold at the establishment so we have the sweet peach tea. On this night the flavor of peach is overpowered by the sugar. Note, the beverage will be my only complaint.

When it comes to the food, everything is perfection from the most moist cornbread served with a sweet potato butter. Sweet potato lovers, meditate on that. Chicken poppers filled with crab meat are served next with two complimenting sauces including an orange marmalade vinaigrette and and what my companion described as a basic cocktail sauce. However, the cocktail sauce works in the classic tradition of pairing it with seafood and in an unconventional way because of the prominence of the chicken. The meat of the chicken is tender while the coating is crunchy. There are three tiers of texture working together nicely. For our next appetizer, stuffed shrimp takes the stage filled with crab meat. The shrimp seems to be broiled. It is simple and classic in taste. Moving across the waters to Spanish Cuisine is the paella. It has a spicy flare not in a hot pepper sense but a more subtle kick. The dish is filled with chicken, sausage, shrimp, peppers, and mussels along with the classic saffron rice. Part owner and Chef Casey Jenkins also serves a marvelous fish and grits dinner entree. The outstanding tender catfish is placed upon garlic sauteed spinach upon a bed of grits complimented with garlic butter sauce surrounding the mound

caseywithfoodSmallThe local Baltimore Magazine named Darker than Blue among the top 50 restaurants in the city.  People come for good mac & cheese, fried chicken and the pairing of chicken and waffles too.   Run, don’t walk to this restaurant in Baltimore.   Check the website for information about jazz performances and the Sunday Brunch.  http://www.darkerthanbluecafe.com/InTheNews.html

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