What’s in Store MCCN and Beyond?

Multi-Cultural Cooking Network has covered a wide variety of topics over the years.   As we embark on our 10th year, we want to find ways to streamline and improve.   So over the course of the next year, much of our entertainment focus on culture will shift to a new blog called Colorstream Media.   On the blog, you will find the world of media in color.    And then the new blog called Being Cultured expands from the concept of Being Cultured as a Eurocentric concept.   Being Cultured focuses on Etiquette, fashion, educating about different cultures, theatre and some film among the subjects.

So at times, we will reblog from those sites in moderation so you know where to find those topics.   At Multi-Cultural Cooking Network, we want to focus on Food.    What categories keep and hope to bring back?  We will keep food history, recipes, and healthy living.   We will shift from reviewing restaurants to spotlight on restaurants.   Travel topics will be narrowed down to the food scene.   Travel, in general, will move to Being Cultured.   We plan to bring back our original programming videos.   We plan to go back covering festival and maybe even asking celebs about their favorite foods while on the red carpet.

We believe you will enjoy the changes and the two new blogs.

Like our blog, you can find a Facebook presence for Being Cultured and Colorstream Media.