Best American Patriotic Film List

In 2010, our film critic Michael Fusco created the Best American Patriotic film list.  Well, we’ve decide to add Captain America and Captain America -Winter Soldier.   Let us know what you think, and don’t forget to add your suggestions in the comments below!

The Films:

The Patriot – Its hard not to feel patriotic for Mel Gibson leading a rag tag group of revolutionaries against the British led by the sinister Jason Issacs. However it is the youthful Heath Ledger’s performance as the son to Mel Gibson that steals the show and is an early example of the actor’s great body of work.air-force-one

Glory – The depiction of the first all-black volunteer army company in the civil war is one that is moving and heartbreaking all in one stroke. Mathew Broderick plays the commanding officer, but with Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman and Andre Braugher all onscreen giving amazing performances its hard for Broderick to match. As for heartbreaking the film absolutely screams patriotism in the Union’s final charge on the confederate base, leading to the outfits untimely demise.

Patton – Watching George C. Scott strut in front of the giant American flag is one of the most ingrained patriotic images ever to surface from cinema. The rest of the nearly three hour film is the story of the general who does things his way and gets the job done, something that the hardworking Americans of yesteryear and today can appreciate.

Saving Private Ryan – Eight men sacrificing themselves for one is the main plot, but these soldiers, led by Tom Hanks, are looking for the reason they’re where they are, dealing with the stress and suffering that war brings. If this film doesn’t stir a bit of patriotic feeling in the heart, nothing will.

Air Force One – Containing perhaps one of the greatest movie lines ever, “Ger off my plane!” this film is known for its swelling patriotic themes and Harrison Ford doing battle as the President of the United States. Gary Oldman turns in another solid bad guy performance as the lead terrorist taking over Air Force One.

High Noon – While John Wayne might not agree, High Noon is a very patriotic film that features town sheriff Gary Cooper facing off against his old nemesis on the day of his wedding. Widely seen as an allegory for the McCarthyism hearings, Gary Cooper is the quintessential American, standing up for what he believes in as the rest of the town cowers and flees.

The Captain America movies – Honestly, when I come from seeing a Captain America movie I become a Yankee doodle dandy.  Serve me some Apple pie becausechris-evans-captain-america-95e1533eb1b20a97777749fb94fdb944 Cap puts the patriotic spirit in you.  Chris Evans also just seems to fit the character like a glove.  Personally, I get lost the the puddle of his blue eyes any moment that he is distressed.  He seems to carry the weight of not only America but the world on his shoulders.  In addition we know our hero is trying to persevere in a very new world with different ideals.