Review of the The Grilled Cheese Truck

Erika and grilled cheese truck

Text from Erika to MCCN Editor, Crystal J- “Can’t believe I stood in line in what feels like 90 degree weather just to try The Grilled Cheese Truck! It better be good.SmileGrilled_Mac__Cheese_smaller

I tried the ‘Cheesy Mac’ (macaroni and cheese with sharp cheddar……$5.50) & a half bag of tater tots ($1.75). I wasn’t quite sure what to think as I ate it…the jury’s still out. It’s an interesting concoction; basically a plate of mac-n-cheese between two pieces of bread.  The Mac & Cheese is creamy and adequately seasoned.  Not bad, but I felt like I should probably do a cleanse and work out afterwards!

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Red Velvet Pancakes Recipe

Screen Shot 2020-10-17 at 12.12.54 PMIt’s  just another craze after the red velvet explosion in the dessert world, someone had to take it a step further.   What’s the step?  It’s a step up in the food line up of the day to breakfast.  Many a home cook is trying to replicate the red velvet pancakes, a breakfast men item on the

Los Angeles based Buttermilk Food Truck.  When you make it to LA, follow that food truck but if that is not happening soon the the pancake recipe is at least is quite simple.


Buttermilk Food Truck 

  • Use a red velvet from scratch recipe or boxed red velvet cake mix.  The key ingredient which needs to be used is buttermilk so instead of the suggested liquid in your recipe swap it for buttermilk.
  • Add two chocolate chip to each pancake while on the griddle.
  • Use a dollop of cream cheese frosting and maple syrup to taste.
  •  Basically, the red velvet pancake recipe is cake batter fried like a pancake.

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