Details Please…26th Vintage Bouquet and Wine Event


The Vintage Wine Boquet is held annually by the Beverly Hills Bar Association and is well worth marking your calendar with anticipation.  The tickets are usually around $150 in advance and over two hundred dollars for a VIP at the door purchase but given the plethora of foods and wines you get to taste from Beverly Hills and the surrounding area,  the ticket is well worth it.    Also there are always silent auction items including an abundance of hotel, resort, and restaurant deals/gift cards with fairly low starting bids.

The event takes place at the beautiful Greystone mansion in Beverly Hills.  Attendees can’t resist to take advantage of photo op after photo opportunity on the lovely grounds.  As you arrive you are likely to hear the sounds of live jazz as you descend down the hill to join the festivities.  Expect find many women wearing sundresses and hats.  The men dress well but no tie but dressy casual for a Sunday afternoon.

Velvet Rope Bake Shop

Velvet Rope Bake Shop

The kinds of food can you look forward to begin with just the idea of dipping you bread into a fava bean mousse drizzled with creme fraiche or chilled split pea soup with caviar (offered by Wood and Vine Restaurant).  Love desserts? You will find not just your ordinary chocolate, ice cream, cookie and cake.  Let’s start with Ice Cream Lab.  Their gimmick is using liquid nitrogen to make ice cream instantly.  To their credit they made a really superior creamy ice cream mixed with pretzels and caramel.    This company is out to impress your friends at your corporate events, birthday parties or celebrations.  Velvet  Rope Bake Shop impressed me with their mini cake truffles.  I tried the red velvet.  I found it to be be moist and delicious.  They also sell homemade cookies such as peanut butter and habanero  jelly.  I really enjoyed the cookie but it lacked the pop I was looking for since it is naturally expect their would be contrast of spice offering.  Nevertheless, it is a tasty cookie.   This year, The Good Cookies and Beyond Gluten Free Bakery caught my attention.  The carrot cake was amazing and can compete with anyone’s carrot cake that isn’t glutten free.  The donut holes are light tasting yet dense in appearance.  I do not know if should consider it my favorite or a tie with carrot cake.  They also offer brownies, cheesecake and more.    Among the restaurant that tend to be participate in the event with splendid samples of their cuisine include Ruth Chris, Il Fornio, Napa Valley Grille and STK Steak house.


photo by Multiculturalcookingnetwork

This year Multi Cultural Cooking Network tried to divide our time with a little more attention to beverages.  Check out our interview with Blackbird Vineyards(Click Here).  Stella Artois is a pretty known brand from Belgium but this year they are promoting the new Stella Artois Cidre.  My guest and I walked away from the event with this being on the list of one of the favorite things we tasted at the event.

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