MCCN Favorite Blogs: Cuisine Noir Magazine

Cuisine Noir is one classy magazine.  I’m not just saying because they interviewed me  a while back but  is an impressive magazine.  Time to time we link back to our favorite magazines and contributors, Cuisine Noir is one of them.   We are a multi-cultural magazine but they have more of an emphasis on the Black diaspora ranging from African American to the Caribbean chef.  The  food could be from any culture prepared by someone from the African diaspora.  Now, some people just don’t have exposure to Black being much more than African American.  There is a whole continent of cuisine coming from Africa and yes, Egypt is apart of Africa.  There are the Afro-European, multi-racial, Afro-Latino, Caribbean and the African American culinary stories to tell.  Cuisine Noir focuses on the wine, industry, business, travel and celebrity interviews too.  The blog prides itself on being upscale from the evolution of soul food to a more diverse landscape of food. –Crystal A. Johnson, Editor

A few times a year this blog does a print issue.  Check out Cuisine Noir :