Homemade Bon Bons

Those of us who are bit old school remember when hot pretzels and nachos were not the major movie food but the beside popcorn and Raisinettes were bon bons.  The assuming quietly edible treat of the theater unlike popcorn.  If you don’t know, you are about to know about the small frozen pop in your mouth  ice cream treated coated in chocolate.  See this gourmet stab at homemade bon bons, perfect for any film and foodie night from the Golden Globes to the Oscar viewing party to dvd/on demand gatherings.


See the Visual step Making Process. See Recipe

National Chocolate Cake Day

National Chocolate Cake Day is celebrated every year on January 27th. The origins of the day are unknown—but there is some speculation that a dessert company or perhaps a cake enthusiast started it.  The main ingredients that make up a chocolate cake are flour, sugar, cocoa, eggs, and milk. TRY THIS RECIPE

Alternatively, pre-packaged cake mix can be purchased;  or for more sophisticated bakers, you can find advanced recipes for cake such as the delicious. chocolate ripple cake 

Chocolate cakes are part of a 742 million dollar a year international industry. Sales of chocolate cakes have increased year after year since recording of the industry by product began in 1994. READ MORE