English Party Crackers

English Crackers are decorative party favors used for a variety of special occasions including, weddings, dinner parties, and Christmas tree trimmings.  Crackers consist of a wrapperd and decorated cardboard tube containing a paper crown(tissue hat),

When the elaborately decorated treat is split between two individuals, it produces a loud bang and releases its contents. Invented in the late 1840s by London’s Thomas J. Smith, Crackers are popular in the United Kingdom, Commonwealth countries, South Africa, Russia, and New Zealand.

Crackers originated as popular Christmas favors but are now also used as New Years Eve treats.  New Years Eve Crackers are normally festive in color and are usually silver, or bright metallic.  Their contents usually consist of New Year’s fortunes and celebratory noisemakers.

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Foodies take notice: Crackers are also filled with candies and small cookies!