Do it Yourself: Mason Jars- Get Spicy!

Mason Jar #2

Get a little spicy with your holiday gifts and consider giving fresh salsa.  Salsa is a combination of tomatoes, chilies and other spices. It’s origins can be traced back to the Incas, Mayans and Aztecs. The Aztec lords used the spicy chili  and tomato

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combination serving it on turkey, venison, fish and lobster. In 1571, the mixture was named  “salsa” by Alonso de Molina, a Spanish Franciscan priest who came to Mexico (as a child) shortly after the Cortes invasion.

Whether it’s mild or the kind that clears up both yours and  your neighbors sinuses; salsa sauce is a great gift to give at holiday parties. Make a big batch and give it to your coworkers. Now when you are making salsa and putting it in a mason jar, don’t fill it all the way up to the top and make sure there is no excess salsa around the rim. if you do not want to go through the canning process, make sure to tell the gift recipient to keep the salsa sauce refrigerated and it should last up to two months.

If you do the canning process for salsa then it can stay up to a year. See the following link to find out how to can salsa.

For both of these Mason jar gifts use a little decorative garland, mistletoe, a bow or some artificial holly to tie around or  drape your jar. Get creative! Have fun and get to giving out your mason jar gifts.

Written by Monica Johnson