Horchata, the History Plus Spanish & Mexican Recipes

In the USA, we are use to seeing Mexican style horchata which is made from rice; however,  the original and ancient recipe is

The light beverage is horchata.

made from chufa(tiger nut). ┬áPronounced [CHOO-fuh], the tiny, tuberous roots of a Middle-Eastern plant of the sedge family, chufa “nuts” have their origin in ancient Egypt. Chufa was one of the first domesticated crops and in fact, was found in vases in the tombs of the ancient Egyptian pharos. The chufa nut was widely used in Egypt and Sudan. The Arabs introduced the plant to Spain during the time of the Moorish kings (700 B.C. a 1200 A.D.). The eastern Spanish province of Valencia was the best for growing chufa.The nut is good for your health, with high levels of iron and potassium. It does not contain sodium and is valued for its minerals and vitamins.(-xmission.com)


  • 1 kg chufas
  • 1 kg Sugar
  • 5 liters of Water
  • 1 Cinamon stick

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