6 Flags Says No to Natural Hair of Blacks

Normally, we wouldn’t mix hair and food together; however, the Multi Cultural Cooking Network is very much equally a cultural network.  As an African American woman, I reserve the right to be happy to be nappy as long my hair looks as groomed as anyone else but at Six Flags they don’t see the natural state of the hair of the descendants of Africans to be professional.   It’s the natural  hair of a people.  Although relaxed hair styles have become a cultural standard, the fro is the natural state of  hair and braids are a historical style to African ancestry. – Crystal Johnson, MCCN Editor

Grammy Award Winner Gil Scott

 ABC 7 News obtained a copy of Six Flags’ grooming standards for employees, which states that the company does not permit “any hairstyle that detracts or takes away from Six Flags’ theme.”

Not sure what the Six Flags’ theme is or how dreadlocks could detract or not detract from that theme.

A spokesperson for the American Civil Liberties Union believes that defining locked hair as inherently unprofessional is racially insensitive at best — and potentially discriminatory at worst READ MORE

High School Musical Star Monique Coleman

Cesar E. Chavez Day

Cesar E. Chavez National Holiday was established by Los Angeles volunteers who organized and led the effort in California that won Cesar Chavez Day, the first legal state holiday and day of service and learning in honor of farm worker leader Cesar E. Chavez.  The legal holiday bill introduced by then State Senator Richard Polanco (Los Angeles-D) was signed into law by then Governor Gray Davis (D) on August 18, 2000. The holiday is celebrated in California on Cesar E. Chavez’s birthday March 31st.  This marked the first time that a labor leader or Latino has been honored with a public legal holiday.

The California legal holiday set into motion a wave of initiatives resulting in optional and commemorative Cesar Chavez Days in nine additional states (Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, Michigan, New Mexico, Texas, Utah, Wisconsin and Rhode Island.)

Cesar Chavez Day brings together hundreds of thousands who engage in celebrations, service and learning projects, and other actions that further the many causes which Cesar Chavez worked for.

*Chávez was a vegan because he believed in animal rights and also for his health.