MCCN’s Best of LA Street Food Festival Picks 2014

It was a blazing hot Saturday when LA’ s Street Food Festival took place on June 28, 2014, resulting in quite a few beverages and cold treats garnering MCCN attention.   We admit staffers got full early from tasting grilled cheese, sushi and more.  Honestly, whether you try to pace yourself or not you will get full fast from the little bites.  Our best suggestion is pay the price for VIP.  You get two full hours to consume with out as many long lines.   The vendors are also great about letting you pick up two or three sample plate so that you and your companions can pick up more food by waiting in different lines.  This year surprisingly it was not the food that was really astounding buzz aside from desserts.  However, we did try a fabulous fish taco that had  everyone within earshot was talking about it.  It did not fail.  The sauce had a great kick.  The line for the Ceviche Project was too long.  I have had them before and I would recommend them.  Also the Grilled Cheese Truck has become a classic and the food does not disappoint even the vegan mac & cheese.  Many skeptics walked past the vegan offering but it really was as tasty as real cheese.

There is definitely a multicultural presence but some might hope for some soul food or America Southern cuisine offering but you get a taste of Japan, Mexico, Thailand and more.   However, I am really shocking myself with deciding to report mainly on beverages.  They are truly what impressed me this year.

Our Stand-out cold treat picks

Pop’d Up – See our Review of Pop’d Up

Salt & Straw’s Homemade


The Drink Favorites

Joia sodas 2

Joia Sodas

  • Joia Sodas features innovate flavorful fusions such as Lime Hibiscus and clove/Pineapple Coconut Nutmeg/Blackberry Pomegranate Ginger/ Grapefruit, Chamomile Cardamom
  • Angel City Brewery’s Angelino IPA
  • Crabbies – Crabbies is an alcoholic ginger beer, at 4.8 ABV. It is made from a unique recipe that has four natural ingredients, including real ginger, that is steeped in for 8 weeks.