Cuban Influence on Miami

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written by Catrina Sally

The influx of Miami’s Cuban population began in the 1950’s. Following the rise of Fidel Castro, many Cuban refugees fled to Florida. Over 150,000 Immigrants travelled by plane and by boat to Miami. Welcomed into the city with opened arms, the refugees morphed Miami into “Little Havana.”

The cultural effect of the Cuban population is readily visible in Miami.  The people of Cuba have influenced the clothing, music, architecture, and food of the Florida city.  You can see, hear, and taste their influence in everything from the funky salsa music to the mint and rum laden Mojito.

Like most cultures, food is an important aspect of the Cuban Community. Cuban food is characterized by its heavy use of rice. Popular dishes include arroz con pollo (chicken and rice), pan con bistec (steak sandwich), platanos maduros (sweet plantains), and lechon asado (pork).

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