A Cupcake Tasting: Swirls Cupcakes

Cupcakes have been all the rage for the last few years with bakeries devoted to these tiny treats.  Swirls Desserts expands sweet offerings at their stores with fresh Belgian choolates made in Brusssels and flown in biweekly.  Furthermore, there is a cupcake bar where you can sit and sip on a Belgian chocolate mocha.  Sound decadent, it is. 

 It is likely that the word cupcake had you at hello so let’s start the conversation.  I employed the help of MCCN’s Spanish Language Content Consultant Eddie Zamora in conducting a graded cupcake tasting.  Swirls offered many choices of cupcakes for our consumption.  The best of the pack we found to be the Blueberry cupcake.  It bursts with blueberry flavor and is visually the most unique when biting into it with its soft purple to blue color.  Clearly, this garnered an A grade. 

Photo by Crystal Johsnon: Swirls Cupcakes

Learn what we thought of the Strawberry Milkshake cupcake, Carrot, German Sweet Chocolate, Red Velvet and more at: http://www.examiner.com/x-9408-LA-Comfort–Soul-Food-Restaurant-Examiner~y2010m1d4-Westfield-Fashion-Square-Sherman-Oaks-has-a-Swirls-Cupcakes

Serving Los Angeles, South Bay, San Fernando Valley, and Orange County. Swirls Official Website: http://swirlsdesserts.com/

Kardashians Support Famous Cupcakes opening in Beverly Hills

Famous Cupcake opening

(Getty Images)

MCCN was on the scene when the Kardashians came out to support the grand opening of Famous Cupcakes, Beverly Hills on October 7th. The Cupcakes described as “delicious, fluffy, and lightweight” and the “European style cupcakes are baked fresh with the finest all natural, organic and kosher ingredients.”   They are said to be a fave of the famous family.  

There are a number of flavors including cookies & cream, mocha latte, peanut butter chip, strawberry,coconut and more.  MCCN Host  Erika L. Holmes of the upcoming show, What’s the Dish was live on the scene of the grand opening of the new Famous Cupcakes location in Beverly, Hills CA. Let’s throw Erika:

Erika L. Holmes-“This evening the Multicultural Cooking Network stopped by the grand opening of Famous Cupcakes in Beverly Hills.  It was all abuzz upon arrival…press, paparazzi, crowds, police…screaming teenage fans even!  I thought, “Wow, these cupcakes must be magical!!!”  …But then I remembered that the event was being hosted by the Kardashian clan, who soon galloped by in a horse drawn carriage.  They definitely delivered for their awaiting fans, and I’m pleased to report that the famous cupcakes definitely delivered for all salivating in anticipation.  From fluorescent pinks and greens to deep purple and traditional white, bouquets of cupcakes were on display (and for the taking!) throughout the adorable shop.  Guests socialized and checked out the space enjoying treat after treat.  A couple who has visited the Valley location and were invited by friends to the Beverly Hills grand opening raved about the pumpkin and red velvet cupcakes.  While I resisted the urge to sample a beautifully boxed cupcake that was handed to me, I eventually had my way with a bright green frosted red velvet cupcake.  It was yummy from top to bottom!  I usually skip cupcake frosting, but I found myself devouring the entire thing.  (Note to self: Investigate their secret to tasty frosting.)”-*Watch Erika’s new show “What’s the Dish?”  to see the Famous grand opening video coverage complete with the Kardashians.


The U.S.A.’s best Cupcake Spots

(listing from MSN report)

Here some of the best places for the delightful little round cups of joy called cupcakes.  The listing also include the popular cupcake choice of the place.

cupcakesLove at First BiteBerkeley, Calif. 

Ginger Babycake (Gingerbread cake with Limoncello-cream cheese frosting)


(Food featured in photo from Love at Firt Bite)

Saint Cupcake  – Portland, Ore. 

(Sweet banana and chocolate chip cake, smeared with peanut butter fudge frosting and topped with a fried banana chip)

Baked – Brooklyn, N.Y.Sweet and Salty Cupcake (Dark chocolate cake infused with salty caramel, topped with caramel chocolate ganache and fleur de sel)


Main Street Cupcakes – Hudson, Ohio Half-Baked (Dark chocolate cake stuffed with chocolate chips and chocolate chip cookie dough, then finished with chocolate buttercream)


Cupcake Royale ­- Seattle Lavender (Lavender-infused vanilla cake with lavender buttercream frosting)


Dozen CupcakesPittsburgh East End Chocolate Stout (Dark chocolate cake made with East End Brewing Co.’s Black Strap Stout, covered with dark chocolate ganache and topped with Irish cream buttercream).


Sugar Sweet Sunshine New York Pistachio Cupcake (Pistachio cake with “The Moose,” a satin buttercream frosting)


Lilly Jane’s Cupcakes – Eagle, Idaho

Orange Ginger (Zesty orange cupcake, topped with a citrus-infused cream cheese frosting)

Back in the Day Bakery – Savannah, Ga.

Lemon Coconut (Lemon cake with lemon buttercream frosting and topped with fresh coconut)

For in-depth information about these shops visit: http://cityguides.msn.com/articles/article.aspx?cp-documentid=19549029&page=1