The Hunky Healthy Multi-Cultural Jason Mamoa


Jason Momoa—what an absolute gorgeous sight to see.  The part Hawaiian and German man star is on the path to great things including landing the role of Aquaman.   How does the Justice League’s Aguaman stay healthy and fit for his roles?  Inquiring fans want to know!  The Hawaiian native and former model, revealed that his fitness routine includes going to the gym, bike riding, rock climbing and kayaking to stay fit. He’s quite the outdoorsman! His upcoming role definitely suits him well.  Read More and See More of this former Baywatch Babe in a Bathing Suit.

When asked about how he got in shape for Stargate Atlantis he admitted working out at the gym regularly.  However, “…once we start rolling, everything dissipates, so by the end of the year, I am all ’Ugggh!’ until they come in and say, ‘Ummm, you are supposed to be the bulk of the show!’ then I would go to the gym. It is a good thing I don’t have to take my shirt off. I am so excited to wear clothes. I hate taking my shirt off!”

Mamoa is Married to Lisa Bonet