Multi-Cultural Cast Members of Glee

Although, we have featured many stories on cast members of Glee we are not Gleeks.   Why have we done story after story on cast members of Glee over the years?  The cast is so multi-cultural in comparison to many other shows on television.  That is refreshing.  Having worked in the casting department of several shows, I am definitely sensitive to the subject.  As a writer, I do think that Glee fails miserably when it comes to writing for African Americans and  it has some casting issues too.  It is my Achilles heel, one for each foot  but I am not going there today.  Let’s stay positive and simply recognize the cast.  In today’s society more than ever in the United States, you can’t judge a book by its cover.

Darren Criss with brother, mother and dad.

For instance to look at the very popular Darren Criss, you think “White Boy.”  Well, you would be partly right.  According to, Criss is Irish, Filipino, Spanish, and Chinese.  In an interview you can watch him describe his love for Filipino food while visiting Manila.

Harry Shum plays Mike Chang.  In real life Shum’s first language is Spanish.  He is a Costa Rican born Chinese guy.


Newer cast member Sugar Motta played Vanessa Lengies is both Egyptian and German. READ MORE

Special Guest John Stamos  played a dentist on Glee.  If he was dentist then I don’t think I would have a problem with getting cleaning on a regular basis.  Stamos is one of Hollywood most widely known American Greeks to the point of landing Greek yogurt commercials.  However, the Greek is only one half Greek.  READ MORE t1larg.stamos

naya RiveraNaya Rivera plays Santana.  Naya recently told MTV that she is is half Puerto Rican, one quarter German, and one quarter African-American.   In her earlier days she played an African American on family matters.  On Glee, she is a proud Latina.  Her cultural ambiguity didn’t exactly help the actress when she was just starting out in the business. READ MORE

Lea Michelle plays Rachel Berry. Doesn’t she have the most beautiful chocolate brown hair.  Her mother is Italian American and Roman Catholic while her father is of Spanish Sephardic Jewish ancestry, and Lea was raised Catholic.

Jenna Noelle Ushkowitz plays Tina Cohen-Chang.  She is   is an KoreanAmerican.   Tina was born in South Korea but she was adopted at the age of three months and raised in East Meadow, New York.