Serving the Mexican Community Dave Miller and Adventures In Life Ministry.

Enjoying Oaxacan Ice Cream

First Church Built by Adventures in Life

Here’s to you Dave! salutes the benevolent work of Adventures In Life Ministry.  The Co-founder of AIL Dave Miller has provided our readers/fans with authentic reviews and stories from Mexico.  His work in Mexico is a life changing experience for those who serve as missionaries and for those who are served in various cities in Mexico including,  Guadalajara,  Oaxaca and more.  The legacy of Adventures in Life  in Mexico… 17 churches built, 3 parsonages built, 2 Sunday school facilities built, kids and youth camps each year in Ensenada and Oaxaca, regular medical clinics held, a growing agricultural ministry, a local sewing ministry and much more.

If you have ever considered missions work, we suggest the the video Q & A What You Need to Know About Missions which gives incite from long term missionaries from around the world about dos and don’ts of missionary work.  The 20th anniversary was held at the Los Angeles based Oaxacan restaurant, Guelaguetza. 

For the celebration Dave wanted his guests to experience a taste of Oaxaca from Clayudas to Tres Leches.  Feast your eyes on the video below. -Crystal A. Johnson

Sawyer Water Filters Making a Difference for Needed Clean Water

A few of the children at El Shaddai Orphanage with their new water filter in Myanmar

Multi Cultural Cooking Network learned about the Sawyer Water Filter through our contributing writer, Dave Miller.  He happens to be a pastor and missionary, spending much of his year serving communities  in Mexico.  Recently, He posted a video about the difference this filter can make.  With a little research we found it is also be used in orphanges in third world countries to.

Here’s a great example of how a small investment can change lives on the field… -Dave Miller Adventures in Life Ministry

This filter is awesome. Only $126 dollars for safe drinking water. That’s 25.5 Starbucks grande latte’ with 2 extra shots. I can go without coffee for a few weeks! – Joe Ramirez –Mission Focused

The Process of Making Mezcal in Oaxaca, Mexico

Mezcal, or mescal, is a distilled alcoholic beverage made from the maguey plant (a form of agave, Agave americana) native to Mexico. The word mezcal comes from Nahuatl metl and ixcalli which mean ‘oven cooked agave.

The maguey grows in many parts of Mexico, though most mezcal is made in Oaxaca. There is a saying attributed to Oaxaca regarding the drink: “para todo mal, mezcal, y para todo bien también” (for everything bad, mezcal, and for everything good, as well.) READ MORE

Dave Miller of Multi Cultural Cooking Network walks you the process of producing Mezcal at the Wahaka Distillery in Oaxaca Mexico.

The Guelaguetza, or the Fiesta of the Mondays on the Hill

The Guelaguetza, or the Fiesta of the Mondays on the Hill are held in the city of Oaxaca, Mexico the last two Mondays of July after the 16th

Photo by Joe Ramirez of So Focused

of the month.

With origins dating back to colonial times, the fiesta is a celebration full of color, music, dance and Guelaguetza, a sharing of the indigenous cultures between the diverse communities of Oaxaca.

Cities and delegations from all over the state send representatives to Oaxaca City to share their particular culture with the thousands of visitors that descend on Oaxaca from around the world for this annual festival.

For many the opportunity to dance and wear the colorful ceremonial outfits of their home cities is one of the highlights of the year.  READ MORE

Taste of Mexico Event in Los Angeles

Desserts from La Monarca Bakery

MCCN’s road to Oaxaca Mexico began with stopping at Guelaguetza restaurant for Oaxacan food then we join Guelaguetza and three other restaurants for the Taste of Mexico event in Los Angeles.  Our hope is to excite your palate, desire to cook and explore a truly unique culinary experience by joining MCCN for the Taste of Oaxaca (Click to See Brochure).

On December 4, 2010 four power house Mexican Restaurants came together to create the The Taste of Mexico Association.  The Taste of Mexico is a gastronomic and cultural fare by Frida Mexican Cuisine, Guelaguetza, La Casita Mexicana and La Monarca Bakery.

Mire Video en Español

Watch Video in English

Taste of Oaxaca, Mexico 2011

This is a trip you don’t want to miss.  If you are foodie or know the ultimate foodie then book the tickets.  It’s the perfect gift and experience.  Travel with the Multi Cultural Cooking Network and experience the sights, the culture and the world famous cuisne of Oaxaca, Mexico. Your guide, Dave Miller has been facilitating groups in Mexico for over 20 years.

Click Below to See Brochure.  September Flyer Revision

Oaxaca: Harvesting For Hope

Planting Sweet Corn Seeds in Oaxaca, Mexico

Again MCCN has the fortune of having photos from Dave Miller of Adventures in Life Ministries.  This is a project of harvesting hope in Oaxaca(WA-HA-CA), Mexico.  Thanks to MCCN Spanish Content Manager, Eduardo Zamora I can phonetically help out with how to pronounce the name of the city.   He let me know that I was butchering the name before.

Hooking Up Well to Cistern

The men put in long days.  However, the volunteers dedicate themselves to the good cause. The project includes teaching effective water retention skills to the locals.  The skills are invaluable in the mainly rural and agrarian villages.  Oaxaca is the second poorest state in the country and home to 30 of the poorest cities in Mexico.  

 Crystal Johnson, MCCN Editor.

The Long Day of Work is done in Oaxaca, Mexico