The Roman History Behind Devilled Eggs

It is now on to the history of those delicious deviled eggs. While eggs themselves have a very mysterious past, it must be supposed the same is true for deviled eggs. There are no specifics on them. Although you can say it was some what invented in Ancient Rome. To the Romans they were known as Andalusia. The term “deviled eggs” was invented in the 18th century. In Ancient Rome they would boil the eggs and then serve them with spices on the top. Anything from wine, pine kernels, celery, fish sauce, honey, white vinegar, and pine nuts were used on the eggs. That is a list of some pretty powerful ingredients.

Stuffed eggs were featured in medieval cookbooks. Inside were raisins, goat cheese, mint marjoram, cloves, and cinnamon. Since all the ingredients were in the same recipe, you can imagine what these eggs tasted like. Wow! By the late 16th century hard boiled eggs were all the rage. Then by the 17th century the hard boiled egg became a staple in households.

It was the 18th century when “devilling” food began. In the beginning it was not usually eggs that were devilled. It is believed that “devilled” food is called such because it is a spicy food and therefore is comparable to the high heat in which the devil lives (in hell). READ MORE