Haiti Earthquake

Our hearts go out to the Haitian Community, those with love ones and friends in Haiti.  We sincerely hope that nothing more serious occurs.  The earthquake could be felt in the Dominican Republic which shares the same island with Haiti but with no severity.-Crystal Johnson, MCCN Editor 

This Statement from the Associated Press: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/cb_haiti_earthquake

The largest earthquake ever recorded in the area shook Haiti on Tuesday, collapsing a hospital where people screamed for help. Other buildings also were damaged and scientists said they expected “substantial damage and casualties.

Several reports are already in that Haitian Celebrity Wyclef Jean is already organizing relief efforts.   According Jam Showbiz Music, Former Fugees star Wyclef Jean is asking friends and fans to pray for the people of his native Haiti after the island was hit by three major earthquakes on Tuesday.

Pras Michel Speaks on Earthquake in Haiti

World Vision Relief Donations for Haiti:


Dominican Republic: About La Bandera

Traditional Dominican Republic food is very tasty and includes a diverse selection.

One of our best known meals, lovingly named “la bandera” (the flag) consists of white rice, beans, meat, vegetables and fritos verdes (green plantains or tostones).

The Dominican Sancocho is a cooking imitative of the Spanish cocido (stew), and each region of the country has its special way of preparing it.

Zoe Saldana: Her Color Doesn’t Make Her Blue

In the hit film Avatar, Zoe Saldana is the color blue.  No sooner than the film, premiered the world wanted to know more about the lead female warrior character in the James Cameron film.  People are learning that the talented actress, Saldana is Afro-Latina.  Born and reared in the United States until she was 10 years old, her  multi-cultural heritage includes her father being of Domincan descent and her mother Puerto Rican.  She lived in the Dominican Republic until age 17.  Believe it or not, some parts of the world are not aware of the Afro Latino or the identity of  the Latino image bearing Black skin too.  It is great that Zoe’s success is shedding more light on culture.  What is also exciting is seeing her land a role in the film Colombiana as the lead.  It makes a strong statement about the star power she brings despite many Latin American countries still struggle with Black as Beautiful in their heirarchal scale.  Saldana embraces her physical identity as Black and her culture as Latin.  She never let Hollywood’s typical ideal leading lady concept be a hurdle for her.  She has simply jumped over the hurdles.

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A Reason to Be Thankful: A story of Sammy Sosa’s Humble Beginnings

Recently Sammy Sosa who hails from the Domincan Republic has been in the news about his skin lightening; however, we would like to look back at a time in Sammy Sosa’s life when there was barely enough food to eat.    Thanksgiving often reminds us to think about people who are hungry and without.  Can and food drives abound.   Sosa’s story has a silver lining but millions of others across the country will not share a similar fate. 

About Sammy

66 HRs, .308 batting average, and 158 RBIs. Who could ask for more? No one. Sammy Sosa was raised in San Pedro de Mecoris, Dominican Republic. His family was very poor. Sammy’s dad died when he was seven. Sammy sold oranges,washed cars, and shined shoes for money. As a kid, Sammy used a milk carton for a glove, balled-up socks for a baseball, and a big stick for a bat if he wanted to play baseball. At sixteen years old, he tried out for a scout from a Texas Rangers. The scout loved his power! He gave Sammy a $3,500 bonus, so he could sign a pro contract. He gave all the money to his mom. Well, not all the money! He used his share to buy his first bicycle.

His skills were raw during his first pro season in 1986. He was traded twice before he became a star with the Cubs in 1993. Sammy hit 33 HRs and drove in 93 runs. Now, almost everything has changed. Mark Grace, the first baseman says,”Sammy isn’t just a great hitter, he always plays with a smile. He’s fun to be around.” The homerun race of 1998 was one of the most exciting events in baseball history. Sammy Sosa versus Mark McGwire, what a match! The media pressure was extreme, though not to Sammy. “I never feel pressure. Pressure was when I was a kid and didn’t have food on the table,” he says. Every time he pounds a homerun, Sammy kisses two fingers, touches his heart, and blows a kiss. His famous “heart gesture” goes to his mom who is always watching.


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